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New App Releases & Features

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released an update to both the SmartThings iOS and SmartThings Android apps. These new versions are now available for free download in the app store and in the Google Play store, and also coincide with several other new features that we’ve recently unveiled.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new as part of 1.6.4, and elsewhere:

• You can now add your smartphone as a presence-sensing device (“Mobile Presence”) using SmartSetup. To do so, just go to the “Things” category in SmartSetup and tap “Presence Sensors,” as shown. (Click the below image to enlarge.)


• Customers using Hello, Home now have the added functionality to add/adjust modes based on the day of the week.

• There has always been a built-in 10-minute delay to all Hello, Home actions. To help customers, we are now visually displaying this default time more noticeably, and enabling people to customize it to their preferred delay time.

• New devices that you connect will now appear in the mobile iOS and Android apps more quickly

• When you create three rows in the Dashboard, you’ll see a quick tip about re-ordering them (to remove it, simply long press any row, drag, and drop). –iOS only, Android forthcoming

• As needed, you are now able to pull down to refresh the Dashboard. –iOS only, Android forthcoming

The New SmartThings Experience for Android is Here

We’re excited to announce that the brand-new SmartThings app and experience is now available for free download on Android!

Just like the iOS version, the enhanced app experience for Android includes several new features to help you tap into the open SmartThings Platform. To help highlight what’s new and improved, check out the video tour below, featuring SmartThings’ head of product and design, James Stolp.

The New SmartThings Experience for Android

As you may have recently seen, we just announced some exciting news for SmartThings customers and anyone who has ever wanted to create a smart home.

We wanted to assure all of the SmartThings Android users that the new app experience will mirror the look and functionality of the iOS app and be released in a matter of weeks, not months–early June.

Take a look as James Stolp, a co-founder of SmartThings and our SVP of Product & Design, offers a preview of the new and enhanced forthcoming Android experience: