The New SmartThings Experience for Android is Here

We’re excited to announce that the brand-new SmartThings app and experience is now available for free download on Android!

Just like the iOS version, the enhanced app experience for Android includes several new features to help you tap into the open SmartThings Platform. To help highlight what’s new and improved, check out the video tour below, featuring SmartThings’ head of product and design, James Stolp.

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  1. <-Excited

  2. Nice: But I still would like to experience examples of alternative third-party GUIs via API, so that functionality can be seamlessly merged into other types of dashboards and control pads. (AND browser based interface options!).SmartThings’s evolution of their user interface is commendable and is a defining characteristic of the ecosystem… but UI is something that has a high degree of subjectivity and is *always* relative to other UI’s in a particular user’s unique environment. A clean isolation and full “openness” of the presentation layer is very compelling … to me.

  3. Downloaded the update last night! Thanks!

  4. The Android app has a huge issue. Please look at the comments on the Google PlayStore. So many people are complaining. Please fix the issue. Unable to use the equipment properly.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the info. Can you please report exactly what you are seeing (and your device version and model) to Thanks.

      • The app crashes every single time I press on the devices installed icons. I have a Samsung Note 3. I have also installed the app on my wife’s phone a Samsung S5 and same problem. I must add that the app used to work fine up to the time when the app recently updated.


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