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  • SmartThings – Update Your Login

    We’re excited to announce that we’re updating to Samsung Account! This is a step forward in our journey to prepare you for the new SmartThings app, which will bring you…

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  • Platform Outage Update

    Yesterday around 12:30 PM PT, SmartThings began experiencing capacity issues with the SmartThings cloud, which led to an outage that impacted US users’ ability to log in to the SmartThings…

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  • Now You Know You Know

    Unexpected movement downstairs? Parts of the house getting unusually warm? Realize that you’ve accidentally left an appliance on after you’ve left house? With SmartThings (and these clever ads from the…

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  • Highlights of What’s New & Improved

    Earlier this month, talked with SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson to hear about the new SmartThings Hub, lineup of sensors, and app experience. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and…

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