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In case you missed it, we just released a major upgrade to our iOS app and SmartThings experience. We think it represents a huge step forward for all SmartThings customers, as it will soon be available for all of our Android customers as well. With that said, we wanted to offer you an update on where we are.


A screenshot of the new Android Dashboard, which lets you easily monitor and control all your devices.

We’ve been busy tightening, testing, and building the framework for a major Android upgrade for a long time and are committed to delivering a SmartThings experience that takes advantage of Android’s unique features. While this new experience will offer the same new product features and benefits of our latest iOS release, we’re also aiming to introduce several features that are designed to take advantage of Android’s unique capabilities.

We’re focusing on a Beta launch in January. If you haven’t already, please join the SmartThings Android Beta group to get early access to new features, and to help provide valuable feedback that will help shape and optimize our product experience.

As always, we encourage you to please keep sharing your ideas for how we can make SmartThings better and more personally useful to you. We’re listening. 

Thanks for your continued support,
The SmartThings Product Team

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  1. Looks pretty choppy, is that what is holding it up?

  2. @Cory_S:disqus definitely not a finished product. lots of enhancements being made as we speak to make it smoother and more powerful.

  3. We have added developers to the project. It is a priority.

  4. I feel voice control <3 Android love around the corner ;) ~eric`

  5. SmartThings Android Beta link is not working.

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