Android Version 1.7.0 Is Here

We’ve just released an updated version of the SmartThings Android app, and it’s now available for free download in the Google Play store. As updates go, this is a pretty big one. In addition to lots of bug fixes, we’ve made a significant amount of improvements to greatly help performance, stability, and overall load time.

Most notably, we’ve also introduced widget functionality to allow you to trigger Hello, Home actions directly from your Android dashboard. Here’s a quick at the SmartThings widget and other notable changes:

Note: The same widget functionality will soon be available for iOS.

Additional new features:

  • Added Hub Updates

Other improvements:

  • Updated logic for saving of Page Settings
  • Updated Settings PUT logic
  • Updated Pre-Login SmartSetup >Search: “full authentication required” message to something more user friendly
  • Removed Device Image from Device Preferences

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Developers cannot use custom tiles for their custom device types
  • Fixed: Device Tiles without any states crashes the app
  • Fixed: My Account: ‘Geofence exit delay’ text is covered by text
  • Fixed: Slider touch point is very large, cut off when it is all the way to the right or left
  • Fixed: Activity Feed: Some text is not in bold
  • Fixed: Missing Done/Save button on Set Location
  • Fixed: Service Managers display as installed before fully completing setup
  • Fixed: Things > Dropcam: Carousel disappears after navigating away from thing detail screen
  • Fixed: Right SmartApps drawer remains open when navigating back using GUI navigation
  • Fixed: User is not brought back to Dashboard after configuring a SmartApp/Use Case
  • Fixed: Deleted DeviceGroup Images re-appear
  • Fixed: Occasionally the app will crash when removing a device
  • Fixed: SmartSetup > Added switch appears to user as saved, but it is not saved
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  1. We need a widget for light shortcuts!! How is this not already a feature? This should be a high priority!

    • I mentioned it in my reply to Buddy as well, but I wrote an app called SharpTools which provides widgets and Tasker integration on Android. There’s a widget called ‘A Thing’ which will allow you to control your lights and other things from a widget.

  2. The widget is a step in the right direction, but all I really need is a 1×1 tile for a single Hello Home phrase (Good Night!). Everything else is already automated.


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