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April 8, 2024

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with SmartThings Energy 

It’s Earth Month, which means now is the best time to activate a sustainability routine with SmartThings Energy.  Did you know? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average American shells out $2,000 every year on energy bills. But guess what? Some of that money could be going down the drain because of how we use energy at home. With SmartThings Energy, you can save money while creating automated energy-saving routines. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're making your home and the planet better for you and your family. Read on for tips on how to get the most out of SmartThings Energy, your smart appliances, and devices that work with SmartThings. What is SmartThings Energy? Ever wish you had a personal energy assistant? That’s SmartThings Energy. Available in the SmartThings app, SmartThings Energy helps you take control of your carbon footprint and cut your energy bills by letting you check your home energy use from anywhere.  Use the service to manage the energy usage of any of your devices that work with SmartThings, create energy-saving routines, get impactful energy-saving tips, and use AI Energy Mode to maximize your energy use. Besides helping your devices run smarter, SmartThings Energy also supports you in larger energy-saving efforts. In times of high energy demand, energy suppliers may charge you higher rates, known as Demand Response. With SmartThings Energy, you can configure your #smart devices, such as your Nanoleaf lights, TP-Link plugs, and smart thermostat, to run less during these peak times. This not only cuts your energy bills but also helps the environment.  SmartThings Energy can also help you leave more money in your pocket. By simply monitoring and cutting down on your home energy use, you could score cash rewards and lower your utility bills with our energy savings programs! Stay tuned to learn more. What is AI Energy Mode? Artificial Intelligence (AI) Energy Mode is an innovative feature within SmartThings Energy, which can save you up to 70% of energy consumption on select products and cycles. AI Energy Mode learns your routines and adjusts your devices to save energy without you lifting a finger. It uses machine learning to recognize when your energy use goes beyond the targets you've set in SmartThings Energy. Plus, it gives you insights into why it happened. Let’s look at some of the ways AI Energy Mode helps with your everyday routines. Washer & Dryer: From your workout clothes to the kids’ athletic gear, it can feel like you’re constantly doing laundry, which means you're using a lot of water. Thankfully, AI Energy Mode optimizes your Samsung Bespoke Washer & Dryer. The Bespoke AI Washer adjusts wash cycles based on load size, potentially reducing energy usage by up to 70%. Meanwhile, the Bespoke AI Dryer monitors temperature and humidity, with AI Dry potentially cutting energy usage by up to 20%. Refrigerator: Your fridge is a major energy consumer in your home, running constantly even when you're not there. But what can you do about it? Turn to AI Energy Mode. It ensures you’re using your Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator efficiently by optimizing compressor speed, defrost cycles, and temperature settings, potentially reducing energy usage by 15% during operation and an additional 15% when not in use. Whether you're out of town or simply away for a while, rest assured that you're conserving energy while keeping your groceries at their ideal temperature. Air Conditioning: Typically, 43% of a home utility bill goes to heating and cooling. Now, with many of us working from home, our AC usage tends to increase, especially as warmer temperatures approach. With AI Energy Mode, your Works with SmartThings thermostat becomes smarter, adjusting settings based on your usage patterns, room temperature, and humidity. No need to compromise your comfort to save energy. TV: Whether you’re watching a movie at night or the baseball game during a bright, sunny Sunday with your Samsung Frame TV, AI Energy Mode ensures you always have the perfect brightness for the best viewing experience. Activating AI Energy Mode triggers your TV’s processor and sensors to detect and analyze your room’s environment and adjust the relevant settings, potentially saving up to 20% energy. No more fiddling with brightness settings. Plus, if you accidentally leave the TV on in another room, it automatically dims its brightness when it detects no viewers for more than two hours. This is just scratching the surface of what SmartThings Energy can do for you. Any way you use it, SmartThings Energy takes care of the little details so you can focus on what truly matters—living your life to the fullest. This Earth Month, #DoTheSmartThings and download the SmartThings app in the Google Play or Apple Store to activate SmartThings Energy and start living a more sustainable life.  
April 3, 2024

SmartThings and LIFX Introduce the New Era of Home Lighting Experiences

With homes becoming more connected than ever, SmartThings and LIFX are revolutionizing the way consumers experience their living spaces.  Through their collaboration, the companies are emphasizing the 'futuristic' experiences you can create today, right at home. Users can experience situations like stepping into their kitchen after a long day at work and being greeted by the perfect ambiance of lighting, their favorite playlist in the background, and a carefully curated selection of recipes and cooking tips suggested by their Samsung devices awaiting them. The collaboration between SmartThings and LIFX is not just about illumination; it's about creating immersive lighting experiences for day-to-day activities, without even having to think about it. LIFX’s Smart Lighting meets SmartThings Smart Home Connectivity With LIFX's unique 'SuperColor' technology, users can bring the most potent, stunning lighting moods together with sounds, creating a synchronized experience with other devices in their smart home ecosystem. No matter your users’ routines and schedules, SmartThings and LIFX aim to elevate everyday moments into enjoyable experiences. This integration allows for the creation of personalized experiences, tailored to specific lifestyles. Recently, LIFX launched an outdoor range of lighting options which creates additional opportunities for consumers to personalize their outdoor setup with SmartThings. From indoor ambiance to outdoor enjoyment, the possibilities that users have to personalize their lighting experience are endless. Outdoor lighting options include string lights, path lighting, spotlights, and flex edge lighting. Driven by the mission of empowering users, this partnership aims to adapt their home environments to suit their ever-changing needs, moment to moment. SmartThings and LIFX are paving the way for highly dynamic lighting experiences by seamlessly integrating smart devices with these innovative features. The impact of effective lighting also goes beyond aesthetics - more than just decoration, lighting serves as a powerful environmental cue that influences mood, productivity, and overall health. By enabling lighting shifts tied to different home experiences, SmartThings and LIFX are introducing a level of smart home automation that has the potential to transform how we perceive and interact with our surroundings. In addition to the purpose of revolutionizing home experiences, the partnership was formed with sustainability in mind. All lighting products use LEDs, meaning they require a fraction of the energy use and cost of older technologies such as incandescent.  Through the use of energy-efficient LED technology, the products also offer reductions in energy consumption and cost compared to traditional lighting options. With the average cost to run their LED products significantly lower, the partnership not only benefits consumers financially but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By fusing technology and design, the companies are empowering users to unlock the full potential of their homes, shaping the future of smart homes and redefining what it means to live in a connected world. Together, SmartThings and LIFX are working towards creating smarter, more intuitive living spaces for consumers.
April 1, 2024

How We’re Simplifying The Smart Living Experience

In a world where the average home has 16 connected devices, people need simple and easy control otherwise smart home management can become overwhelming. That’s where we step in. Our latest feature makes it even easier for users to manage the entire lifecycle of their Samsung devices. SmartThings has transformed the shopping, device management, and home control functions making connected living even easier than ever before. Device Purchase Tracking From the moment you click "purchase," SmartThings takes the reins, tracking the product from checkout to your front door— all while providing real-time updates on the status of your delivery, enabling users to know exactly when a device is out for delivery, when it's arrived, and even how to set up their devices for optimal performance.  Also, it’s no surprise that device maintenance is often overlooked in the fast-paced world of technology. Say goodbye to unexpected breakdowns and hello to a well-maintained smart home ecosystem. Peace of Mind Once your Samsung device arrives, SmartThings simplifies the setup process; as soon as your product is turned on, your Samsung TV or Galaxy will register the new device and request to add it to your smart home’s ecosystem. You can even register multiple devices at once, saving valuable time and ensuring that every device in your home is seamlessly connected. Once your Samsung device arrives, SmartThings simplifies the setup process; as soon asyour product is turned on, your Samsung TV or Galaxy devices will register the new device and request to add it to your smart home’s ecosystem. You can even register multiple devices at once, saving valuable time and ensuring that every device in your home is seamlessly connected. Smart Living Assistant Beyond device registration, this new feature provides an in-depth understanding of the devices in your home, and the SmartThings app becomes your personal assistant by suggesting behaviors to improve your daily routines, making your smart living experience truly intelligent and personalized. Watching your favorite series? SmartThings will ask if you’d like for it to turn off your lights or close the blinds for an elevated viewing experience. SmartThings ensures that your devices continue to deliver peak performance, enhancing their longevity and maximizing your investment. From purchase tracking and device maintenance to device registration and intelligent living suggestions, this innovative solution is set to redefine the way we interact with our smart devices. Embrace the future of smart living with SmartThings and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a seamlessly connected, intelligent home.
March 13, 2024

How to Get the Most out of Your Sleep with SmartThings 

Daylight Savings Time is here (yay for more sunlight!), but if springing forward has knocked your sleep schedule off track, we can help with that. With just the tap of a button, SmartThings will prepare you for the best night’s sleep—and show you how to make your routine easier for everyone.  Read on to learn how you can #DoTheSmartThings and enjoy restful nights ahead.  What is Our Circadian Rhythm? While one hour may seem inconsequential, the time shift can disrupt our circadian rhythm—also known as our internal clock. Humans and other mammals adhere to circadian rhythms, natural 24-hour cycles governing sleep, appetite, and mood. These rhythms hinge on exposure to light, synchronizing with natural light-darkness cycles for optimal sleep and health. Sudden time changes can disrupt our sleep, causing circadian misalignment and sleep debt–the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep regularly–harming overall health. Sleep, after all, helps your body and brain repair, restore, and re-energize.  Fortunately, with the SmartThings Station, our app, and your connected smart devices, you can transition smoothly into the time change, keeping your sleep routine consistent and uninterrupted. Set Your Sleep Routine with SmartThings SmartThings enables you to automate your home, streamlining your mornings for ease and ensuring peaceful nights. First, connect your smart devices to the SmartThings Station so you can control your sleep-related devices with a simple touch of a button. Then, in the SmartThings app, you can create custom routines designed to streamline your sleep adjustment process by setting up your Works with SmartThings-certified devices to react and respond automatically. For example, you can create a night routine where one tap turns off the Philips Hue lights, closes the Somfy blinds, adjusts the Nest thermostat, locks your doors, switches on your security system or outdoor Aqara motion sensors, and turns on any night lights if you have little ones. You can also create a morning routine that opens your blinds, turns on your Samsung TV or your alarm, and starts brewing coffee right from bed! Programming these routines to occur at the same time every day will help you stick to your sleep schedule. Want to know more about our Works with SmartThings-certified partners? Check them out at  You’ve created your bedtime routine. Now, you might be wondering, how do I determine my ideal amount of sleep? Samsung Sleep Coach While it’s commonly recommended that adults get seven to eight hours of sleep nightly, each person actually has a unique sleep pattern or preference shaped by genetics (this is crucial for aligning with our body clocks). To help you better understand your sleep preference, Samsung partnered with the National Sleep Foundation to analyze your health with advanced and actionable sleep insights. Samsung Galaxy Watch6 This series of watches features the Sleep Coaching Program, which analyzes your accumulated sleep pattern data and provides you insights like a trainer. The program tracks your progress and offers you tailored advice on how to improve your sleep habits, whether suggesting you meditate before bed or use natural light to wake up.  The SmartThings-integrated watch also incorporates a Sleep Mode, which disables any notifications from your connected devices and dims the screen to avoid disturbing your sleep with light. Sleep Smart As we navigate through the changes brought by Daylight Saving Time, prioritizing our sleep health is crucial. SmartThings and Samsung’s innovative smart home solutions give us greater control over our sleep environment, letting us rest easier and more deeply, and enhancing our overall wellbeing.  So, this week, #DoTheSmartThings and download the SmartThings app in the Google Play or Apple Store to set your sleep routines for healthier, more restful sleep.
January 8, 2024

SmartThings Creates TV-Centered Smart Home Experiences for Users

During CES 2024, SmartThings unveiled innovative features aimed at creating a more immersive TV experience, allowing for enhanced convenience without interrupting content viewing. The living room serves at the center of many households for families to come together, and SmartThings’ latest enhancements create a more connected living room experience, enabling users to effortlessly monitor and manage all of their smart devices conveniently from their TVs. Unlocking Greater Smart Home Control with TV as a Hub With the TV functioning as a SmartThings Hub, your television turns into a seamless control center for all your connected devices. Your TV can now effortlessly detect your smartphone, turning it into an instant remote, eliminating the hassle of searching for multiple controllers. The SmartThings TV Quick Panel is a non-intrusive interface for quick access to core functions via a remote control, bridging the gap between Samsung TV features and comprehensive connectivity, without compromising content viewing. The TV Quick Panel allows users to manage devices, view cameras, and even ring their phone to locate it within their home. Users will be empowered to oversee their entire smart home without diverting attention from their screens. For instance, as you approach your television, it intuitively turns on, presenting not only your home's entertainment, but also critical information about your devices and appliances. From your television, you can view your home’s camera feed, temperature, and remaining time in your laundry cycle, all at a single glance. Creating Next-Level Entertainment Experiences  Now, users can step into their living room and experience seamless connectivity with the cutting-edge Now+ display – automatically syncing with TVs to effortlessly guide users through switching music sources from their Buds to the TV, speaker, or Sound Bar. Moreover, Now+ offers a comprehensive summary of the home, including insights into security cameras and energy consumption. With TV Hue Sync, users can create an immersive viewing experience through the TV by syncing TV content and ambient lighting – bringing movies, TV shows, and games to life Picture yourself watching a thriller where the room comes alive with vibrant colors matching the on-screen animation, or relaxing at the end of your day in a space filled with calming hues. As technology continues to evolve, televisions will become more than a household device - they will serve as a gateway to more connected, immersive, and dynamic experiences for the whole family. From staying informed about your home’s status to enjoying more captivating movie and TV sessions, SmartThings is introducing users to a lifestyle where entertainment and home efficiency easily coexist.     Learn more at
January 8, 2024

SmartThings Together

A new option to share your smart life with family, friends, and guests by providing a QR Code Imagine sharing your smart home devices and routines with family, friends, and guests through a simple QR scan; and tailoring their experience based on their preferences. In the evolving landscape of smart home technology, convenience and personalization have become more important than ever. As reliance on smart devices grows, so does the need for seamless integration and effortless control. Today, SmartThings revealed a groundbreaking feature to transform how we interact with our connected environments. Introducing SmartThings Together, a new way to easily share your smart living through QR customization. The introduction of QR codes as a way to easily share access to devices within the SmartThings ecosystem marks a significant step in automating daily chores and at-home tasks. Issuing home control through QR codes offers a new level of flexibility, enabling each member of a household and any guests to control specific devices and create their own routines. SmartThings QR Codes are all about better connecting your devices and the people you love. This is another meaningful step in removing barriers to enter and expanding the access people have to smart home technology.  Tailored Control for Every Family Member The QR codes make it easy to add new family members or caregivers to your home interface, which will allow them to conveniently control relevant smart home devices for a pre-defined duration. This way, your guests can unlock the door, set the thermostat, and make themselves comfortable. Many homes have one person who is the “smart home” tech aficionado, and the rest of the family has to work around their knowledge and expertise. Now, through SmartThings Together, all users can manage the smart home based on their individual needs and preferences.  For example, parents or homeowners may use their smart home to monitor energy use, check that security features are engaged, or to make sure the coffee goes off at the right time in the morning. A child in that same household might only care about control over the entertainment features - this can be granted by the parent through a QR code, allowing their child to record a TV program or play music through a shared speaker.  Simplified and Secure Guest Access and Management SmartThings Together also allows you to securely share the devices and experiences you want, and control who has access to them and when. This makes it much easier to host guests whether you have a friend visiting, or someone staying at your vacation rental for the weekend. Instead of sharing complex access codes or walking guests through arduous setup processes, a quick QR Code scan grants temporary access and control over designated devices and routines. Whether it's adjusting room temperatures, controlling lighting, or accessing entertainment systems, guests can safely and easily navigate and enjoy the smart home experience without a hassle. Effortless Automation and Device Control With SmartThings Together, users can streamline automation and device configuration. Location owners can designate device lists shared to each member of the household. After scanning a QR code, each family member can trigger an allowed, shared routine among those shared devices. For instance, users may activate a "Goodnight" routine, adjusting lights, thermostats, and security settings according to individual preferences for room temperature, night-lighting, background noise, and more.  It also allows for enhanced security. Each QR code is available to one person only, meaning several people could not scan a QR code at the same time. Additionally, the QR codes are only available for five minutes before they regenerate, creating a reduced window of vulnerability.  Whether you’re creating individualized environments for family members, simplifying guest access, or streamlining automation, SmartThings Together makes sharing the smart home experience with everyone in your home easier and more secure. SmartThings’ QR code sharing will revolutionize how everyday people interact with their smart homes and the people around them, setting a new precedent for more intuitive and controlled homes. Read more about SmartThings products and services at
December 26, 2023

Video: SmartThings Together Share House
December 26, 2023

Video: SmartThings Together Pet Walker
December 26, 2023

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