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5 New SmartApps

We just published 5 new SmartApps in the “More” section of SmartSetup. Like the many other SmartApps found under the “Actions,” “Alerts,” and “More” sections of the free SmartThings app, this latest batch lets you create rules that trigger your home to react when different things happen. Once your home learns these rules, it will begin to automatically react to your unique preferences and become a smart home! Read More

Recap: Hack the Home

A group of us spent this past weekend in Louisville at GE FirstBuild’s Hack the Home event with our friends at Hackster.io. During a 24-hour period, more than 200 competitors hacked, tinkered, welded, milled, and grinded to create some pretty incredible home automation inventions worthy of prizes from the likes of AT&T, Intel, MakerBot, and more. Read More