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6 Ways to Use SmartThings During the Super Bowl

All eyes are going to be on Super Bowl XLIX this weekend. And whether you tune in to focus on the game, laugh at the commercials, or just catch Gisele Bündchen in the stands, here are six ways that SmartThings can enhance your Super Bowl Sunday.

http-makeagif.com-media-11-24-2014-4YtkEQ1. (Slow) Cook Up a Storm

Rule 1 of Super Bowl fandom: You can’t root on an empty stomach.

Plug your Crock-Pot or slow cooker into a SmartPower Outlet, and then cook or heat up any of these 29 awesome Super Bowl snacks.

http-makeagif.com-media-11-24-2014-1MQfAk2. Let Guests In–From Your Kitchen

Now that your snacks are simmering, your guests might be starting to showing up. But instead of getting up to walk over and open the door, just let your guests in from your kitchen or couch.

With a simple tap of a button in the free SmartThings app, you can unlock your door from anywhere and not miss a second of CBS’ six-hour pre-game coverage of DeflateGate.

2003. Be the 12th Man

As the game gets underway, show your support for the Seahawks or Patriots by using SmartThings’ integration with Sonos or ObyThing to play sound clips whenever big plays happen.

Suggestions: Play this anytime Tom Brady throws an incompletion Richard Sherman’s way. Any and every time Beast Mode touches the ball, use the Sonos Notify With Sound Action in SmartThings Labs to play the word “Yea” 21 times in a row. And if the Patriots do anything good? I guess just play some song by Boston.

output_Z8L5bG4. Keep Your Beer Cold

Whether you’re part of the 12th Man or you have 12 guys in your living room, chances are that there are going to be a few dozen runs to the fridge or cooler to get beer during the game.

Ensure your supply stays cold by putting a SmartSense Multi sensor or SmartSense Open/Closed sensor on the fridge door or top of the cooler. That way, if someone like Dave forgets to close the door or lid, you’ll get a notification and can remind him to close it. Also: Why did you invite Dave back this year? Sheeesh.

output_glB7ae5. Beast Commercial Mode

According to our very big, scientific calculator, an estimated 95% of people tuning in to watch the Super Bowl actually don’t care about either of these teams and just want to watch the commercials.

Enhance your viewing experience by creating two distinct Hello, Home phrases: “Game Time” can brighten your lights and play music from your Sonos or ObyThing speaker; while “Commercials!” can cut the music, dim the lights, and ensure that you can concentrate on what you really came here for.

http-makeagif.com-media-11-24-2014-tdN6nl6. Light Up Your TV Room

Use SmartThings’ integration with Philips hue to change the color of your bulbs whenever your favorite team scores.

Whenever the Seahawks score, change your bulbs to green. Whenever the Patriots score, change your bulbs to navy blue. And in the off chance you’re a Redskins fan, you should probably just sit in the dark.


Do you plan on using SmartThings during the big game on Sunday? Let us know how in the comments section!

Limited-Time Offer: SmartThings Exclusive Holiday Kit ($169)

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, there’s never been a better time to save on SmartThings: For three days only, we’re offering our brand-new Holiday Kit for just $169–a $30 savings off the retail price.

The Holiday Kit includes everything you need to start controlling and monitoring your home from anywhere in the world, specifically:
• 1 SmartThings Hub (which TIME magazine just named the second-best gadget of 2014)
• 1 SmartPower Outlet
• 1 SmartSense Open/Closed sensor

With the Holiday Kit, you can:
• Control and automate lights, electronics, and small appliances from anywhere using your smartphone
• Get immediate alerts if doors, windows, cabinets, or drawers open unexpectedly
• Secure dangerous, off-limit, or valuable areas of your home
• Save energy by triggering lights and appliances to turn off when you leave
• Automatically turn on a light on or off when people come and go
Oh, and this.

…but be sure to hurry, because this deal will melt at 11:59 pm EST on Wednesday, December 3.



New Items in the SmartThings Shop


We’ve got some good news for anyone looking to enhance their smart home: We’ve just updated a few items in the SmartThings Shop (and will soon on Amazon.com) to include several new and updated products and Kits. The new SmartThings devices have an improved industrial look and design, are ZigBee-based, and several come with mounting plates to offer customers more installation options.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

SmartSense Open/Closed sensor

rsz_open-closed-whiteThis small and versatile ZigBee device is $45 and can help secure your home, offer you peace of mind, and add convenience to your daily life by letting you know when doors, windows, drawers, or cabinets open and close. It can detect temperature and comes with both adhesive tape as well as a mounting plate and screws for easy installation. This device is different from the SmartSense Multi Sensor in that it does not contain an accelerometer.

You Can:

  1.  Receive immediate alerts if windows, doors, or drawers open unexpectedly
  2.  Trigger lights to turn on or an alarm to sound if there’s unwanted or unexpected home entry or access to items
  3.  Monitor and secure dangerous, valuable, or off-limit areas inside your home
  4.  Trigger smart lights to automatically turn on when you open the front door, and off when you close it behind you
  5.  Monitor temperature in any room or area of your home in Fahrenheit or Celsius and receive alerts if there is extreme temperature
  6.  Trigger your smart thermostat, or an A/C unit or portable heater, to automatically adjust if temperatures fluctuate

SmartSense Moisture sensor

rsz_moisture-whiteOur brand-new SmartSense Moisture sensor is $49 and is our first-ever ZigBee-based moisture sensor. In addition to letting you know as soon as water is detected in areas where it doesn’t belong, it can also measure temperature.

You Can:

  1.  Get an immediate alert on your smartphone as soon as water is detected where it doesn’t belong
  2.  Protect your home and belongings from water damage and flooding
  3.  Trigger a light or siren to immediately alert you if there’s a leak

SmartSense Motion sensor

rsz_motion-whiteWe’ve updated the SmartSense Motion sensor to include a few new features and lowered its price to $49. This newest version can detect temperature as well as movement, and comes with a mounting plate and screws for those who wish to attach it to a wall. It also includes a CR123 battery which allows for a longer battery life than our previous version–and if you do need to change the battery, you can do so without needing a screwdriver.

You Can:

  1.  Trigger lights to automatically turn on when you enter a room
  2.  Receive an immediate alert if unexpected motion is detected while you’re away or asleep
  3.  Save energy by automatically turning off lights and electronics in areas that aren’t being used
  4.  Set up a flood light to turn on when your car enters the driveway
  5.  Automatically turn on a night-light when your child gets out of bed
  6.  Know the temperature in any area of your home in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  7.  Trigger your smart thermostat, A/C unit, or portable heater to automatically adjust when people come and go

Smart Home Starter Kit


We’re also introducing two new Starter Kits: Smart Home Starter Kit and Smarter Home Starter Kit. The Smart Home Starter Kit is priced at $199 and is the most affordable way to easily see what’s happening at home from wherever you are. The Smart Home Starter Kit allows you to secure your home, protect family and property; stay connected to loved ones by getting notifications when people, pets, and cars come and go; and create a safer, smarter home in the palm of your hand.

This Kit contains a SmartThings Hub, the brand-new SmartSense Open/Closed sensor, a SmartSense Presence sensor, the brand-new SmartSense Motion sensor, and accompanying Ethernet cable, mounting plates, and batteries.

You Can:

  1.  Secure your home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home security system
  2.  Stay connected to family members by getting notifications when people, pets, and cars come and go
  3.  Get immediate alerts if doors or windows open unexpectedly
  4.  Secure dangerous, off-limit, or valuable areas of your home
  5.  Easily find where you left your keys in the house
  6.  Be notified if movement is detected at home while you’re away or asleep

Smarter Home Starter Kit


Our Smarter Smart Home Starter Kit contains two additional items–a Smart Power Outlet and a second SmartSense Open/Closed sensor–and is priced at $299. This Kit transforms your smartphone into a remote that allows you to both monitor and control what’s happening at home by powering lights, locks, electronics, and more. This Kit contains a SmartThings Hub, two brand-new SmartSense Open/Closed sensors, a SmartSense Presence sensor, a SmartPower Outlet, the brand-new SmartSense Motion sensor, and accompanying Ethernet cable, mounting plates, and batteries.

You can do everything that you can do with the Smart Home Starter Kit, as well as:

  1.  Control and automate lights, electronics, and small appliances from anywhere using your smartphone
  2.  Save energy by triggering lights and appliances to turn off when you leave
  3.  Be notified if movement is detected at home while you’re away or asleep 
  4. Trigger window A/C or space heaters to turn on when you leave work
  5. Turn on a light or stereo to turn on in response to motion at night

In addition to the new and updated products listed above, all SmartThings Kits that contained the previous version of the SmartSense Motion sensor will now include the updated version. In addition, Kits containing the SmartSense Multi will now include the SmartSense Open/Closed sensor.