SmartThings + ADT Canopy

We’ve got good news for anyone who’d like to enhance how they protect their smart home.

ADT is the latest company to join the SmartThings open platform. The company’s brand-new 24/7 professional home monitoring service, called ADT Canopy, is one of several new premium service offerings–including the recently announced Scout Alarmthat we’re extending to customers who wish to complement how they secure their home with SmartThings.

This new optional premium service will become available to SmartThings customers in the coming months and will offer always-on expert monitoring, panic service, and live support if your SmartThings Hub and compatible sensors detect a potential home intrusion or other emergency. The ADT Canopy integration will be built directly into the free SmartThings mobile app, allowing you to control and manage your home security settings from one convenient location.

This new integration comes on the heels of two other recent additions to the SmartThings open platform: the new lineup of Samsung Smart TVs, and BMW cars.

Be sure to check back regularly here on the blog as we continue our SmartThings coverage from CES 2016.

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  1. Pricing?

  2. Any idea when we will see the ADT Canopy?

    • Search SmartThings and ADT in Google, or click Home Security on SmartThings web site. They just announced it. Oddly the Canopy name is not there, but it’s basically the same thing.

      • Ahhhh, I see it. But that’s crap…none of the current sensors will work with it.

        • Yeah, I have a feeling it’s about UL Certified sensor’s. ADT is UL Certified, so they probably have some sort of restrictions. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t doubt that be the case.

          The good news is all your third party lights, locks and none security alarm device’s will still work.

          Once I buy a Home in the next year I’ll probably switch out my LG Smart Security system and buy this.

          • Shoot, Doesnt make sense to spend the money to replace all sensors, especially since the service is same price as what I have now.

          • Yeah, if you already have your SmartThings setup with a security service, I don’t see a reason to switch.

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