The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

We’re excited to announce that the next generation of the Samsung SmartThings Hub, a new lineup of products, and a brand-new SmartThings app experience is available today.

Our mission has always been to create the easiest way for people to turn their home into a smart home. In fact, we started SmartThings out of a desire to know the answer to a basic but deeply personal question: is everything OK in my home.  We believe our latest product evolution delivers on this ambition.

Here’s a look at what’s new and improved:


The New Samsung SmartThings Hub and Sensors

The new Hub enables video streaming, has battery backup that lasts up to 10 hours, and can run certain functions locally to improve performance and continue to operate without an internet connection.

The Hub will continue to support ZigBee, Z-Wave, and local internet connected devices. Two USB ports and embedded Bluetooth will support future expansion.

The new collection of Samsung SmartThings sensors are now smaller and have been redesigned with a sleeker, more contemporary look to fit seamlessly into the background of your home.


The New SmartThings App Experiencephones-on-phones

The free SmartThings app has been redesigned for easier navigation and a more intuitive experience.  You can now directly organize and control your connected devices by room, view live streaming from cameras, quickly set up and run routines, explore the marketplace of nearly 200 devices now compatible with SmartThings, and so much more.

One of the exciting new features of the SmartThings app experience is Smart Home Monitor– an integrated home monitoring solution. Smart Home Monitor allows you to receive alerts and take action when SmartThings detects unwanted entry or motion, smoke or fire, leaks, or other important activity. Existing customers will be able to configure Smart Home Monitor from their dashboard within 24 hours after downloading the updated app.

With Smart Home Monitor, our Hub version 2, and a connected camera, you can also get instant alerts with an accompanying video-clip when these unexpected events occur.  Video buffering in the new hub means clips can start prior to the event so you can see exactly what is happening in your home. Video clips will eventually be a premium feature within Smart Home Monitor but are available in beta as a free trial through 2015. After the free trial, a premium version of Smart Home Monitor, which includes video clips, will be available for $4.99 per month. Live streaming will always be free.

The new SmartThings app will be available for free download on iOS and Android starting today, with Apple Watch, and Gear S apps to follow. Be sure to check out our post for a more in-depth look at the app’s new features.

We would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to our customers, supporters, and developer community. Your commitment, feedback, and ideas are what make our open platform truly special. We hope you you enjoy the new SmartThings experience.  


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  1. Nice. Any news on European version?

  2. Any update on the UK Launch and the available line of products?

  3. What does “can run certain functions locally” mean? That seems very vague.

    • The SmartThings team specifies what automations are eligible for local execution. This process requires evaluation and testing of the SmartApp and devices.

      Provided there is still power to the hub (wired or battery), any SmartApps that are able to execute locally will still run without an internet connection. The mobile app will report the Hub is offline, and because there are no events being sent to the SmartThings cloud, notifications will not work.

      The radios in the Hub will still function without internet. Events to the cloud will be queued, and sent when the internet is restored.

    • We will add more details about local SmartApps in the coming days to make it super clear. The goal is for anything that is possible to run locally (ie everything but cloud-to-cloud connected devices) to be able to operate even when your internet connection goes down. Beyond that, the goal is to enable them to work for a period of time when your power goes out for all local, battery operated devices.

      Smart Lights, Smart Home Monitor, and Routines will all be supported in these ways within the coming weeks. That will enable powerful scenarios such as the ones below, even when your power and Internet goes down:

      – Siren still activates if there is entry into your home while you are away
      – Moisture sensor can trigger a water valve to close if water is sensed
      – Your home locks up for you and shuts out the lights and activates security automatically when you depart or fall asleep

      We believe those are really important functions that can bring additional peace of mind to our customers, and the new hub with its processing power and backup batteries makes it all possible.

      Hope that helps!

      • Good afternoon,
        I am still a little unsure about what this means. Will processing still be performed predominantly in the cloud until the internet goes down; or will processing be done locally as default?
        Also, will the specialized device types still work on V2? I have a linear garage door opener that has a specialized device type written by someone in the community. By the way, smartthings should consider making it’s own garage door opener.

        • If a SmartApp is able to run locally, then it does even when the Hub has an active Internet connection. Decreases latency as a benefit even when your Hub is fully connected.

          Yes, specialized device types will all still work. Keep in mind, however, that in order for device types and SmartApps to run locally (i.e. support offline use) we still need to mark them with that capability on our end. Given that they are packaged in the Hub firmware itself for now, it’s not yet something that we are able to enable developers to do on their own. Not yet.

          We will be steadily increasing the list of both device types and SmartApps that are able to run locally during the coming weeks, and will also add some features in the mobile app that makes it more clear when they are able to run locally on the Hub or not.

          Hope that helps!

  4. Australia would also appreciate some love

  5. HomeKit-enabled yet?

    • It seems that to be enable with HomeKit, smartdevices need to use bluetooth and wi-fi compliance chips. So I don’t think it will be operable, at least before a while. Also, you can visit to discover the best new smart devices and their compatibilities.

      • This sums up my perspective on HomeKit pretty well:

        We are fully committed to iOS and Apple Watch, but are evaluating whether to incorporate the proprietary HomeKit chip despite our focus on being the most open smart home platform in the world. We will keep watching it closely, and always do what is best for our customers.

        So far, the vast majority of HomeKit compliant devices (e.g. the Ecobee thermostat) work super well with SmartThings regardless.

  6. Already preordered my hub. Which Samsung cameras? (or dlink) Any existing models or just certain ones. Saw a samsung IP camera for < 50 dollars at costco. For that price, you can get a couple. Haven't heard much good or bad about dlink cameras. Samsung cameras seem to have decent ratings but software may be subpar. In fact, probably dropcam's calim to fame isn't camera spects but easy installation and friendly software.

    • found my own answer: Launching right along video is beta support for the Samsung Techwin and D-Link cameras. The Samsung TechWin SNH-P6410BN15 and D-Link models 5222L19, 5029L7, DCS-2330L6, DCS-2310L8, and DCS-2132L12 are compatible.

  7. I think it sucks you are charging for some
    services. Another knickle and dime product …

    • I get it for the DVR video capability. Video does eat up bandwidth and storage. Think about what Dropcam charges for their DVR.

      • Our goal is to make everything that we can free, but don’t think that should keep customers from being able to use premium services (which have a significant underlying cost) from us and others if they want to. In this case, we’re psyched to be able to deliver unlimited video events for as many cameras as you have connected for just $4.99 per month. When the norm in the market is $10/camera/month, we think we’ve done something pretty revolutionary.

        More to come, but that’s our basic view.

    • You don’t have to buy the video upgrade, and you lose absolutely nothing you had on the v1. I’d understand your point if they tried to charge for something you previously had for free, but no.

  8. For current SmartThings users…. Any discounts on upgrades… Any benefits to maintaining two hubs?

    • As an existing customer, please reach out to to take advantage of a bundle specifically created for you.

      Right now, two hubs in a single home will not work together (for instance as a router). But the second hub can be repurposed (another home, office, friend, family).

  9. Are v1 and all of my current devices (switches, plugs, water, motion, contact) backwards compatible with the new hub?

  10. Windows Phone App update????

  11. So will pre-orders begin shipping today?

  12. New app and hub look very promising. However, until an automated migration tool is available, an upgrade is out of the question. Over 40 devices, 8 home modes, alarm, announcements, etc., etc. way too much to re-program.

    • We feel your pain on that one. I went through the migration with 200+ devices in my own home. It took about 3 hours and was nice to have a fresh setup once I got into a rhythm with it, but we know it would be better to have as much of the device migration as possible be automated. We plan to have a migration tool by the end of the year. In the meantime you can use the new app fully as the only things missing without the V2 Hub will be offline functions and video support.

      • Good to know that the migration tool is coming. It wouldn’t be that big of deal but I JUST moved and, of course, had to reconfigure the entire system, add a lot of sensors, etc. Not looking to do all of that again this soon.

        I’ve invested a good deal in DropCam and NestCams. Any planned support with them? I’m guessing allowing live video would negate their DVR revenue stream, but I’m more interested in using their zoned motion sensing to trigger alerts. Same with my Ring doorbell. Any motion on that front?

        • Ring is a possibility for sure. Re Nest we would love to, but their partner model may not support it. Please let us know if you see other integrations with Nest Cams that support the features you are looking for, and we can use that to provide additional pressure to make it happen.

          Speaking as a user of both products, I can tell you that the Samsung cameras are great as an alternative that is fully open if you are planning on purchasing additional devices.

          • can you specify which Samsung cameras will be supported?

          • Launching right along video is beta support for the Samsung Techwin and D-Link cameras. The Samsung TechWin SNH-P6410BN86 and D-Link models 5222L86, 5029L55, DCS-2330L52, DCS-2310L52, and DCS-2132L54 are compatible.

      • Not to sound negative but was that including smart apps and all other settings? Because that works out to just over 1 minute per device. It takes me longer to include some devices and name them and do the initial setup. Not including unmounting, mounting, smart apps, modes, custom devices and everything else. If it really can be done in 1 minute per device what’s the strategy? Thanks.

      • Thanks for acknowledging the pain of migration, Alex; unfortunately the effort I expect has caused me to defer the V2 Hub upgrade, despite the many benefits of the new hardware.

        Your 3 hour conversion time for a 200+ device home is actually far less than what several SmartThings Customers have experienced or are planning. As always, the public SmartThings Community forum has lots of helpful peer to peer discussion on this challenge. If you would have a moment to share the details of how you managed to streamline your conversion to achieve an average of over 1 device per minute, that would be extremely valuable and appreciated! All suggestions are welcome from experts and novices alike…

      • I currently have Lowes Iris devices. Will I be able to make these work on SmartThings? Thanks.

  13. when will the app be available for windows phone?

  14. What about Android Wear?

  15. Will this require a cell phone to use? I have refused to subject myself
    the that addictive technology and use my apple laptop for my contact
    with the world.

  16. No migration tool, and you’re killing groups of lights? Sux for me. I’ll not buy the v2, and I’ll quickly tell Android not to auto-update your app. I hope the old one continues to operate.

    Why are you creating work for me? I’m not even buying the v2, so why should I have to do any configuration work? Do you think I want to have to go in and set up a Routine to do something I’ve already set up as groups of lights?

    And your support article says anybody that is “moving from Hub v1 to Hub v2 will need to spend some time uninstalling and setting up your configurations once more.” WTF? For realz?

    Set up is hard and a pain on this class of IoT devices, and is a huge barrier to adoption. Migration is harder, as one needs to UNINSTALL before they can REINSTALL. And, for those of us who have tried, we know that the uninstall is much less straightforward than installing new devices – the process is fraught with bugs, depending on the device and its UI. You should not make people configure devices twice, LET ALONE add in the work of uninstalling. Terrible judgement.

    From your business perspective, you are fully liberating your customers to shop for other hub options by forcing us to basically start fresh with Smarthings. I’ll have to look at HomeKit, WeMo, see what Amazon has planned with my Alexa. I really like the looks of the Google OnHub, maybe I’ll get that instead of your V2. Is that what you want customers to be doing?

    You should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have launched a major redesign without a migration tool.

    • Derek – We certainly understand your frustration.

      The good news is, everything you have configured today will continue to work in the new user experience. Your current dashboard of grouped lights (under Lights and Switches) will continue to work. And we will be introducing a new way to group lights that is more dependable shortly.

      And with your current setup you can benefit from many of the exciting new features, including Smart Home Monitor.

      All of the team has gone through tear down and re-set multiple times during this process. As you may know, migrating ZigBee devices is very different than Z-wave, and LAN-connected devices introduce a unique angle. We are doing our best to securely architect a complete solution.

      In the meantime, the queue is there to rapidly help you progress through if you do want to start moving to the v2 Hub.

      • Well, thanks for the reply. The support article at

        closes with:

        “Lighting Groups
        Groups of lights, previously configurable in Lights & Switches, are no longer supported. However, SmartThings intends to bring back this functionality shortly. Alternatively, set up a Routine to control several lights, or explore what Smart Lights has to offer.”

        That really leads me to believe that my groups will be unsupported…as was said. And that I would have to set up a Routine…as was said. That information is inconsistent with what you wrote:

        ” everything you have configured today will continue to work in the new user experience.”

        I hope you’re right, but then that article I quoted is poorly written. You’re going to have a heck of a time walking customers through this if there is no V1-V2 migration tool, and you’re writing unclear help articles.

        Here’s what I really want to know. I have v1 and the old app. My stuff works. If I update nothing, does my stuff keep working?

        I mean, I’m not kidding about you guys pushing us customers towards your competitors. I just shopped OnHub this last hour. Looks like its not actually any competition to you…for now. Next up, looking at extending my Amazon Echo with WeMo. I don’t think that will fly due to lack of support for my zwave switches. We’ll see.

        • OnHub is basically a smart router at the moment. Google has installed ZigBee hardware, though, so in the future it can be updated to be a hub of IoTs and it already has the ability to run their Weave protocol. I’m holding out for an OnHub with ZigBee and ZWave before I decide what I want to do.

        • Derek – ABSOLUTELY CONFIRMING FOR YOU. We are not changing any of your current solution modules. Apologies if the article is confusing and the feedback is appreciated. What we mean is, on your existing v1 Hub setup:

          1) We are not uninstalling ANY of your existing solutions. They will continue to work. You could continue to edit them, If you uninstalled them completely though, you will no longer find this solution available in the Marketplace.

          2) If you are a new user (just getting started), you will NOT see Lights and Switches any more as an option.

          Finally, for users migrating to the v2 Hub, they will not be able to access that functionality. We will replace the way grouped lights work moving forward.

          • Thanks. That means I’ll take the app update, and leave everything else alone.

          • Sounds good. As you explore new features (Smart Home Monitor) and we release new capabilities (Lighting Groups) you may find even better ways to achieve the automations you want. We’re always here to help on

          • Wow man! Who took a BIG ass steamy dump on your corn flakes this morning? You are seriously degrading others, and yourself, by talking to the very people who have been working hard to add more devices and bring us the “off-line automation” without even being connected to their servers (A GOOD THING)! You should seriously consider getting some ass so that you can maybe calm the nerves a tad… Just my opinion of course, oh mighty one. Would not wanna have to spend a whole hour re configuring my hub. My God! Lmao This is why I don’t like many people…

          • shojus. I dunno. What do you charge for an hour of your time? Maybe I value mine higher. What if it were more than the hub’s price?

            But that’s almost irrelevant. Products that are working should never cost an hour of the customer’s time just to carry on working. You, nor I, should not devalue someone’s time to “just an hour”. Maybe I like people too much that I don’t think companies should waste their time.

            Customers would rather spend time doing a thousand things other than REconfiguring their hub.

          • Some people have invested thousands of dollars to not have to think about their lights. Me included. I just received my Hub2.0 and after reading this thread I am considering returning it. Absolutely not acceptable to not be able to group lights. Almost every one of my lights is a hue light and in a group. Thousands of dollars.

          • My post was referring to the way that someone speaks to another person. If someone feels that a product is not good then that’s just fine, but it’s not fine to sit here and act like you are better than another and talk down to a person that owes you nothing! This hub costs $100 and people are putting their full confidence in a product that is using technology that could be changed at any time! There is really no set standard to all of this home automation gear as of yet. Every company thinks that their technology is better than the next, so right now, consider yourself a beta tester and you and I both have spent thousands of dollars on our tech and we knew all of the shortcomings beforehand, or at least I did, so I know how to set MY expectations on a box that costs $100 with no additional monthly fees. Things will get better, but that takes time, and if you can’t devote some time to this “hobby” (cause that’s really what it is) then I would suggest to stop before you spend another grand. Just my opinion of course. :)

          • Your complaining about a $99 device after you spent thousands of dollars?

          • ummm….yeah. It’s a system. The thousands of dollars of equipment doesn’t work unless the $99 hub works. That gives the functionality to all of the sensors and lights. I’m not sure you understand how Smartthings works.

          • Your right that I don’t yet have a SmartThings hub yet. But Thousands of dollars in sensors and lights implies to me a pretty large scale professional setup with numerous devices. I’m left wondering if the hub is the right choice for such a system? There are certainly more advanced, feature rich, and powerful hubs out on the market. Controllers such as Vera Control, ISY994i, or even from Elk.

            To me it seems like you bought an Subaru/Taurus middle of the road car. It’ll get you to were you need to go, its not to flashy, budget conscience, and will last for years. Then your complaining because it doesn’t keep up with top end sports cars on the race track.

          • No. it is quite different. I bought the hub and it does all I want it to right now. It is the luxury model since it is set and I don’t have to worry about it. But the new version of the app and the new version of the hub has less functionality with the existing lights and sensors that I have. It is like they are selling the upgrade as an upgrade but it doesn’t do what I need it to. It is the Pinto car of systems. Not asking for improvements. Just want to keep the same functionality I have.

  17. Is the battery replaceable for when it will inevitably no longer hold a charge?

  18. Is there a chance that this will ship in the USA in the next 2-3 weeks? My friend is staying there until near the end of October and i’m not sure if should order it or not?


  19. When will Amazon have these? It still shows as available in 1 to 4 months. Should I cancel my pre-order and buy it directly from you?

  20. Is the new release for apple 174?

  21. Any timeline on when the Lutron pico wireless devices will be supported?

  22. Will the UK hardware work in the rest of europe?

  23. Does this mean my pre-order has shipped as of today? Literally zero communication in regards to this so I’d like to get an update. Thanks!

    • Maybe a Shipping notification, Tracking #, etc. ? Or is it just going to show at my door one day? I only ask because you took my money mid-August during pre-order, said thanks and went silent after… Slightly excited, I know but, some pings back would be nice! Thanks!

      • They didn’t even tell me “thanks.” I had to put in a support request just to see if the order went through. I never received a receipt until that point. I’m flying blind here…

  24. Will it ever be available for the Australian market?

  25. Can anyone at Smartthings update a shipping situation? I pre-ordered the v2 hub on Aug. 17 literally within an hour of the pre-order going live. I’m getting a shipping window of Oct 1 to Dec15. I was under the impression that I was pre-ordering in August so I could get it “early September”.

    • Yup, in the same boat with you, I chimed in 4 days ago and yet to get a response in this thread and was given a canned response from their support when emailed them. (see below)

      “Sorry for the trouble. We’re working through the backlog of orders, but unfortunately your kit has not shipped yet. Based on the time you ordered it, my best guess is a mid-next week ship date. I checked the backend of our system to confirm we’ve placed an authorization on your card, but have not captured the funds. As soon as you see the charge hit, that means the order should ship the next business day.

      Sorry for the trouble–it should only be a bit longer now.”

      This is just sad, might as well get in line with the rest of the community who clicked purchase on Aug 4th. The pre-order was bogus… they did process my card, my electronic statement on the 18th showed it and then it magically disappeared a few days later…

      Thumbs down Samsung/SmartThings guys, the ball wasn’t dropped, it appears as if it was drop kicked into the trash… real nice, get a proper tracking system next time instead of letting us rely on mostly hearsay… because crickets are all we’re getting since pre-orders started. SMH

  26. Where is z-wave plus support?

  27. I ordered my hub from Amazon on August 20th based on a Beginning of September release, Amazon is still saying delivery between Oct 1 to Dec 16th. What is going on here. As a new customer to Smart Things I am not very impressed with this launch. Almost all of my other appliances and electronics are Samsung. I see other people are having the same issue, the least you could do is post a reply or another update for those of us that ordered through Amazon.

  28. Can anyone give me a side by side difference between v1 and v2 of the Smartthings Hub?

  29. Is there any plans for the smart thing in Denmark?

  30. Charging 60 USD per year for sending the video clip that already record on the SD card in the device is expensive. !


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