Samsung Smart TVs Will Be Connected With the SmartThings Platform

A rug may bring the living room together, but your TV is about to bring your whole home together.We’re excited to announce that all 2016 Samsung Smart TVs will be compatible with SmartThings, and all SUHD TVs will have IoT Hub technology so your TV can become the heart of your smart home. With the 2016 SUHD TVs, you will now be able to connect with, control, and monitor more than 200 other compatible devices including lights, locks, thermostats, cameras, speakers, appliances, SmartThings sensors, and more. (See a video of the integration in action.)



These brand-new IoT-enabled TVs will be demoed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and become available to the public in 2016. By pairing your SUHD TV with SmartThings, you will be able to control and manage connected devices directly from the SmartThings app within the SUHD TV as well as with your mobile app.

In order to connect your SUHD TV with the full range of SmartThings-compatible products, you’ll simply need to plug a free USB adapter called the “SmartThings Extend” (which enables you to monitor and control ZigBee and Z-Wave devices) into the TV.


The SmartThings Extend plugs into your 2016 SUHD TV and allows you to control and manage 200+ compatible devices.

The SmartThings SUHD application will allow you to trigger different SmartThings Routines, get notifications when important events happen, see what’s happening in and around your home with compatible cameras, and control your connected devices–all from the TV.

This is just the first of a series of new announcements we’ll be unveiling during this year’s CES event. Be sure to check back regularly here on the blog as the consumer tech world turns its eyes to Las Vegas and Samsung.

[UPDATE:] At this year’s CES press conference, Samsung announced that customers who purchase a 2016 Samsung Smart TV will be offered a free SmartThings Extend.

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  • Tony Murphy

    what about my 2015 Samsung smart TV?

    • Aman Sidhu

      If it runs Tizen it SHOULD be compatible. Tizen 3.0 is headed our way after CES week and we should be good. I currently have a Tizen based J6300 and I’m not worried. I think the keyword in this announcement is “ALL” because not all 2015 Smart TV’s were Tizen powered (ie. J6200 on legacy Smart OS). Fingers crossed!

      • Monica Seebode

        I have the J6300 that I bought in November. So would the assumption be that we just need to get the Extend and we’re all set, or maybe we wait for a firmware update?

  • ST Backer

    Only SUHD TVs? So I guess the 5K I dropped on a UHD 75″ TV wasn’t enough money to get a ST update. I’m truly hoping it’s just the SUHDs that get it free and everyone else has to buy the dongle. There’s nothing different about the hardware (other than screen resolution) so if it doesn’t work on “lower” models it’s because they are literally locking us out.

  • Joe Tiedeman

    I have a 2015 SUHD Samsung TV purchased less an a month ago, I’ve already been kicked because the price has dropped by £200 since I bought it, if it won’t run SmartThings too that’ll be an even bigger kick!

    • Don heve

      Take it back then

  • wyssaj01

    So will the TV be able to function as a hub or is it simply “just another device”?

    • HDDave

      2016 Non S-UHDTVs will be “just another device”. 2016 S-UHDTVs will be offered a free USB dongle to plug into the TV that incorporates Z-Wave and Zigbee radios to allow the S-UHDTV to act as the hub.

      • John LoVerso

        What will the capabilities be for the “just another device”? Can it act like a chime, siren, or voice announcer?

  • Jeremy Kapla

    Fantastic. More features being added before the platform as a whole is stable. How about a hub that we don’t have to “reboot” every few days? Or an app that properly displays the current mode? Or maybe time based routines that actually, you know, run on time? Or maybe, how about a helpdesk that isn’t so busy that they actually have time to respond to and solve tickets?

    • Joe

      well, most people “reboot” their TV’s daily, so that should help. haha.

      • Lord Malthus

        If the TV is acting as a hub, it’ll have some level of “always on” functionality and the monitor on/off won’t have anything to do with that. Expect to have to dig into settings to find “Reboot SmartThings” regularly.

  • Seva Ivanov

    So, why would anyone want to control anything from a TV that is not related to it??

  • Joe

    I seriously hope Samsung extensively tests the zwave, zigbee, bluetooth antenna on the TV dongle for different TV mounting positions. I don’t know many customers who use the included pedestals.

    Today, most if not all TV sets interfere with wifi, bluetooth, zigbee USB dongles. Especially if the dongle is located on the back of the set, and the TV hung on a wall, which is very common. Other dongle vendors have been forced to include a USB extension cable to get around the antenna shielding/interference issues of current generation TV sets.

  • Brandon

    So will any of the 2015 SHUD TV’s Work with this? It cant be that hard!!

  • Keyur Patel

    When and where can we order free USB adapter called the “SmartThings Extend”

  • Katharina

    So, is this how you will finally make it to continental Europe? Will I have to buy a TV to finally get a SmartThings Hub in Germany? Or will the hub still be launched separately? Sorry for being so pushy, but we are getting SOOOOOOO impatient here in the old (and behind), continental world…

    • TerryGauchat

      Good (or at least “better”) Things come to those who wait. You’re saving yourself from a lot of unstable / inconsistent performance that North America and UK Customers continue to experience.

  • Would rather they concentrate fixing their app first! Routines don’t trigger when I arrive home, timers don’t work. I can manually click in the app to start things, but what’s the point of home automation, if it does not automate?!

  • Ronnie may

    The smartting hub need alotta work before joing others product always a problem accuring always trigger and routine is a joke if im thinking about going back to staple connect never had a problem with them and all triggers worked i tried this bc i thought it was more advanced boy!!! Was i wrong!!! THR CUSTOMERS ARE SPEAKING OUT YOU SHOULD LISTEN BC OTHERS WILL COME OUT WITH A BETTER HUB

  • Stephen L. Hubbard

    yes, I would like to chime in on this subject. I just, 2 weeks ago shelled out big bucks for my 65shudJS8500. Was flabbergasted to learn later that week of the innovations for the 2016 models (the lo T and smarthings hub. Here is an excerpt from the CEO: All 2016 SUHD TVs feature IoT
    hub technology, developed by Samsung with SmartThings.The SUHD TV can connect
    with and control over 200 SmartThings compatible devices – whether it’s to see
    who is ringing the doorbell, lock the doors or turn off the lights – all from
    the TV. The new feature also enhances the entertainment experience by allowing
    consumers the ability to program a routine that puts the TV in the appropriate
    picture settings for a movie and activate the soundbar and surround system
    while watching TV – taking “smart” TV to a new level. For the full support of
    connectivity with SmartThings compatible devices, a SmartThings Extend USB
    adapter is required.

    So, my question was of course, will my model be able to be upgraded or not? I have tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to get an answer to this question, with no results. I can’t even find out when the 2016 models will be available. I have one more week left before the time limit is up to make a return, and if I can’t get an answer I guess I will return this TV. Now if only Samsung would let me know if this TV is up-gradable, I would be content. I would think that it is an easy question to answer to, except that the support desk folks don’t have any recourse to get that information. Shame on Samsung. I would hope that Samsung monitors this discussion, and perhaps we could all get that answer. Let’s see…..

    • Don heve

      Return it while you can, Samsung’s track record of customer support is very very very dismal. They tout advanced products but never seem to get them just right, our five year old three thousand dollar plasma was just totally abandoned as far as promised firmware and software updates went, they never happened and now that the video driver went out on it they no longer supply the part.
      Smart hub is the same way, just bing it and look at the dismal results.

  • Susan Michael Woebbecke

    Our SmartThings V2 hub has been pretty stable less a few issues that have been steadily fixed with a little time. Sonos issues are our biggest frustraition but they just posted some good news this week aboit that. We just bought a 2015 suhd 65″ 9000 series TV and it uses a remote “one connect” box that supports all input/output connections. The box is supposed to be upgrade-able so its either asd the dongle or replace the one connect box and add the dongle. No big deal either way as long as it works out of the box

  • Erden Teoman

    This better work with the Samsung 2015 suhd models or I’m ditching Samsung…

  • Lord Malthus

    What’s the point of introducing more users when you can’t/don’t support the ones you have. I still don’t have basic functions working after “upgrading” to hub v2.

  • Don heve

    They can not even make what they already produce work correctly, who would trust them to do this right?

  • Stephen L. Hubbard

    When will the 2016 SHUD TV be on the retail shelves?

    • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle

      most likely in March or April

  • Sean Kendall Schneyer

    Anxiously awaiting these to hit store shelves so I can get a closer look!

  • Patrick Stuart

    I can’t wait to see how this works with existing SmartThings hubs.

  • Mark S Groves

    I think the combination is a mistake. It drives up the price of the TV and limits your ability to update your hub regularly. I own two hubs and several TVs

  • Austin

    Maybe we can see the TV being used as a trigger (ex. Channel) for automations. Also It’d be cool sending messages to the screen.

    • The use of the TV as a notification endpoint is interesting… especially if you can start integrating things like snapshots/video feeds as PiP on motion events. For example, if someone walks up to your front door, it would be cool to see a quick snapshot or live video of them as a small picture-in-picture feed.

  • Kevin

    Should be interesting, though If this works as a full fledged hub, ST really needs to work out a hub migration plan for moving devices from one to the next

  • Ben

    This should open the SmartThings platform to a whole new group of people, let’s just hope it’s ready for casual adopters rather than the current group of early adopters and tinkerers.

  • Brian Keifer

    Will be interesting to see how this works with/complements the existing stand-alone hubs. I can definitely see it as being useful as a notification endpoint.

  • obycode

    Definitely looking forward to the notifications on the TV, as long as we get some way to specify which endpoints should go there. I wouldn’t want all of the ST notifications I get to my phone to show up on the TV, but there are definitely some that could be very convenient on the TV. Especially if they can link into pulling up cameras, etc.. Looking forward to playing with this soon!

  • Greg

    Where and how can I get the Samsung Extend for my new Samsung TV?



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