Update: SmartThings Hub & Hardware V2

Earlier this year we announced that we’ll soon unveil the next generation of the SmartThings Hub and several sensors. We wanted to provide a quick update on our progress to date.

The new Hub and SmartSense Multi, Presence, and Motion have been designed, built, and are being actively field tested. While we originally anticipated a release of these new products in Q2, we now expect a release of the new products in the coming months–most likely Q3.

The Hub will deliver an enhanced experience that offers greater performance and reliability. Here’s why:

__NVY7LjOoyOOUlMAqEqWtVV_mwF20xOW9LovB5hlsoAs we’ve announced, the new SmartThings Hub will come equipped with “AppEngine” functionality. This means that much of the processing that has previously existed in the cloud (ie: SmartApps and device types) can now automatically occur locally in the Hub. Circumventing the cloud will result in a much faster response time with automations.

It will also mean that certain automations (SmartApps; Hello, Home actions, etc.) driven by ZigBee, Z-Wave, or LAN-connected devices will continue to work even if you lose your Internet connection. And because the new Hub contains battery backup capability, certain automations can continue to work for awhile even without power.

We’re working round the clock to get the experience to the point where it needs to be. We’ve also been performing lots of additional testing to ensure that we’re carefully addressing many of the service disruptions that some of you have recently experienced. The last thing we want is to rush out a product that doesn’t meet your high expectations–or ours.

Thanks for your continual support, enthusiasm, and patience.

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  1. Will existing Hub owners get a discount on new hardware?

      • Seems they want to avoid answering this question.

        • When you buy a car do you get a discount on the new version of the car? What about cell phones? Or movie sequels? Why would this be any different?

          • Actually, some cars like VW and Volvo do. There are other companies that offer discounts as well (eg software upgrade). However I agree with you that loyalty pricing on something relatively inexpensive isn’t required.

          • Yes there are incentives for repeat customers.

          • Yes, it’s called a trade in.

          • Lots of car companies do this…at least in the US. These are referred to as customer loyalty rewards. Good business practice to keep your customers.

          • Yes, when you buy a $30,000 car you get 500 cash back. What’s the percentage on that?
            $500 is 1.66666667% of $30, 000

  2. As an existing hub owner I’m more concerned with the actual process to update to the new hub (I’m not talking about a discount etc). What I am curious about is, will there be a way to migrate my current devices and apps (rules) to the new platform without having to uninstall each device from the current hub and re-install on the new hub?

    • Many have complained about Smarthings doing everything in the cloud (including me) and not locally. For this most part that is a valid gripe with the system/service.
      However, it DOES make migrating from one hub to another way more seamless. The current hub is little more than a dumb end point. Your phone connects directly to the brains of the system (the cloud sever). The server sends commands to the tiny little brain in the hub, which shoots them out through its radios. Then it sends a status update to the phone app. (Somewhat oversimplified, I know.)
      If you get a new hub, just connect it back to the cloud (log in) and it “should” all work just like the old one. Phone to Server to Hub to Devices and back again.
      What will be more tricky is going from the new V2 hub to its successor due to the new local apps and processing.

      • Wrong. When they replaced my malfunctioning hub, I had to reconnect everything and reinstall all the smart apps and settings. Fortunately, I was just getting started at the time so it was not as bad as it would be now. I agree with Rick L. that there needs to be a way to migrate everything to the new hub as is. A discount for upgrading would be welcome too.

        • Hmm. That’s interesting (not in a good way). If the current hub doesn’t do any local processing, I don’t understand why the smart apps should need to be reconfigured.
          So yeah, then they will have to come up with some migration utility.
          And YES, a discount would be the right thing to do. Early adopters like us have really helped build Smartthings into a “ready for prime time” product. We should be rewarded.

          • The reason that migration from one hub to another (even if identical models), is, I believe, related to the fact that devices joined to Z-Wave and/or ZigBee network hubs get “hard-coded” to the serial numbers or keys of those networks. This is a technical over simplification; but the concept is that end-point devices (switches, lightbulbs, sensors, etc.), need to be securely attached to the hub’s network in order to prevent a rogue player from “stealing” these connections and infiltrating your device network.

            For a few devices, it is possible to issue put the network into “Exclusion Mode” and then manually trigger each device to forget its master network, and then, on the new hub, re-include it. Yet SmartThings needs to have a very organized process in place to link up these re-joined devices to their corresponding existing profiles in the SmartCloud (presuming the profiles actually still exist and were not deleted by the earlier exclusion steps!).

            So although I don’t describe the process with precise accuracy, I hope I’ve hinted why this it is “non-trivial” and is being developed and tested very extensively. I hope ST succeeds in making it seamless.

            The SmartHub V2, BTW, as far as I know, acts more like a “cache” for local processing, rather than an independent unit. This means it will process as much as possibly locally (for speed and reliability), and it can operate some functions while the internet is down; however, all your device associations, etc., will still have their master data stored in the SmartCloud, thus making migration from one SmartHub V2 to another SmartHub Vx no different than from SmartHub V1. The extra local “smarts” of V2 may allow the engineers at SmartThings to make the migration process easier, actually, as local processing could assist with device exclude / include, etc..

          • Jason thanks for the thorough explanation. This makes perfect sense. Hopfully whatever migration utility they develop handles all of these complexities properly. Fingers crossed

  3. Please add support for Lutron RF devices. :)

    • Hey guys: Lutron is not currently on our short-term timeline, but you can expect some other announcements on integrations soon.

      • The priority of Lutron support should be seriously reconsidered – Since reliability is of the highest priority to homeowners, smart things benefits itself and it’s clients by supporting the MOST reliable products FIRST.

        I have worked on high-end (read: mission critical) home automation systems for more than 12 years. Speaking from my own experience, and the collective experience of many residential automation professionals: Lutron’s ClearConnect technology is, and has been, the most reliable wireless communication system for Lighting devices for years. This technology has been perfected over MANY generations of products long before it was placed into the Caseta product line.

        I would posit that SmartThings has everything to gain by supporting Lutron Caseta, and very much to lose by either ignoring Lutron or failing to prioritize the support of Lutron.

        @eliot_smartthings:disqus please make your case for NOT prioritizing Lutron Caseta over other wireless options – battle-hardened field technicians such as myself are eager to understand your position. Our reputations hang in the balance when we recommend a Control System or an IoT platform to our clients.

        • No Lutron support is actively deterring me from Smarthings… My home is outfitted with Lutron, so switching from the Lutron Bridge to Wink was natural and easy. Finding something to replace Wink is tough since there are no good Wink-like hubs that support Lutron or ClearConnect. Maybe Logitech Harmony… But so far, definitely not Smartthings.

        • I also vote for Lutron support

          • I have heard Lutron is sometimes very picky/closed source in terms of opening compatibility to other hubs.

        • A Staples Connect user here. The only reason I am still with SC is the Lutron support. The Lutron pico remote is a great little device for $15. I can not find any Zigbee/Zwave device that comes even close (price/convenience/design).

        • Another vote for Lutron support. I really don’t want to go with Wink because I heard they are going bankrupt.

        • No such thing as mission critical home automation. Mission critical is for data centers or utilities that provide something. Richie Rich does not equal mission critical. Lol.

      • Any chance of more interoperability between hubs? I’ve got both a SmartThings hub and a Wink hub, and if the two could coordinate, that’d help with the Lutron problem.

      • One more vote for prioritizing Lutron!

      • Please add lutron, i need it to consider switching over from staples connect hub.

      • Lutron devices work great and are readily available at Home Depot….something that you should not underestimate. Given the poor reviews for wink and cloudy forecast for quirky, this could be a great opportunity to steal market share. Finally, multiple other vendors are adding clear connect.

        Ignoring this is a mistake IMO.

      • 1 More vote for Lutron Caseta support!!

      • So is this going to be Apple’s HomeKit compatible with Siri Etc?

      • I just got to this page looking for Lutron support. LMAO. I will look for another solution then. Wink it is?

    • Another vote for Lutron! Think of all the market share you would gain from people jumping ship from the dying Staples Home Connect ecosystem!

  4. Australia?

    • Hi John, We don’t yet have plans to launch commercially in Australia. We expect to launch in the U.K. later this year. Stay tuned for expansion plans beyond the U.K.

  5. Lutron Caseta support please! That’s the only barrier keeping me from jumping ship from Wink!

  6. thanks for the update.. I guess, I’ll see it in time for the Autumn.. so around the same time WeMo’s new devices should be out. I do hope this hub can talk to the WeMo devices..

  7. Any word on Homekit support?

    • Yes, I have the same question. Will the V2 hub support Apple’s HomeKit? I heard the “Made for iPhone/iPod” (MFi) program for home automation products requires some specific HW component to be in the device in order for it to be compatible/enabled to work with HomeKit. The timing of the new V2 hub seems perfect for HomeKit launch & compatibility. And ST alluded to this at CES, so I hope this comes to life! I have several in-wall GE switches that I would like to all work with HomeKit via the awesome ST hub and ecosystem. So, ST… any word?

  8. Any chance a Smartthings bought in Canada will jerry rig into our home in Thailand ?

    • Hey Christopher,
      Since Asia and North America have different wireless protocols, we can’t promise (or even recommend) that your Canadian-based ST setup will work in Thailand.

    • Thailand’s voltage is 220-240 AC, 50 Hertz. You need a 240V 50Hz AC Adapter if your AC voltage is over 220 volts or your adapter is different in Canada versus mine in the US. The Devices’ Radio Frequency has to match the Hub’s Radio Frequency. Assuming you bought devices in Canada for your Canadian hub, they should work in Thailand. They may need new AC adapters if they are not battery powered. Use caution with power control devices such as switches and dimmers. Verify they are compatible with your AC power.

  9. But what about the market outside North America?

  10. I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed with this. I made the decision to try out some home automation stuff in my new house and planned everything around the V2 hub as it was announced to be here in March. I bought a few smart devices ahead of time in anticipation only to find that the date had slipped to April. Ok, I understand stuff happens but now you’re talking Q3? I don’t want to waste money on the V1 hub knowing that there are real problems with the ST cloud and that the new hub will be here “soon” and I’ll just be out that money. At this point, I need to make a choice so I can start moving forward with my roll-out. If there will be a discount on the V1 hub while waiting or on the V2 hub for those who have purchased since the announcement, I would be willing to spend the time and money now. Otherwise, I think myself and others are going to start looking at other solutions unfortunately.

    • Hey, Jason:
      Sorry for any confusion, but we’ve always pointed toward Q2 as a goal for the new Hub and hardware. Since today marks the official beginning of Q2, we wanted to be transparent with our customers and let you know that it might be slightly longer.

      To your other point, you can still absolutely move forward with your smart home roll out. It’s not that there are current “problems” with the ST cloud. The v2 Hub merely offers several additional features that circumvent a lot of the cloud’s dependency.

      Hope that helps.

      • Hey Eliot! I’m in the same boat as Jason, and will be looking to install a new system as I move to NYC- those fire escapes on the windows freak me out. Anyway, I’m a user experience designer and would really love to get involved in the field testing for your new versions of these products. Shoot me an email at Noonan.christina@gmail.com if this might be a possibility.

      • We are now in Q3. What is the new anticipated release date?

        • This is actually still Q2. :)

          • Sorry, anticipation is killing me with no updated release date.

          • 3 more days to Q3! :)
            My god, if i don’t hear anything about the ST Hub V2. I think I’m gonna reconsider my options (Not personal), i just can’t take another delay. I know how hard you guys are working, enable to satisfy us.

    • The current system works fine, but if you have a crappy internet connection…well, this type of system isn’t for you right now. You need steady, stable internet. I’ve had NO issues, and personally, prefer the cloud based server system. But that’s just me…i see no reason to jump to the V2 unless i began having issues with V1

  11. App Store for hub apps coming?

  12. Sad day :( I was looking forward to buying a new v2 hub as my old v1 died.. I can help beta test v2, if you are still looking for more testers ;)

  13. Thank you. I think that’s a GREAT move. I love your products and ideas. My single biggest complaints have been reliability and unexplained and incredibly long delays in promises to fix things. Putting this on hold (though I’m very anxious to get the new hub) will help. I’d rather be disappointed by waiting than by buying something that doesn’t work as promised. I really appreciate your move here. Good luck with the testing!

  14. I just ordered a ST Hub three days ago… Dang it. Maybe I should return it?

    • If you bare to wait at least 4 to 6 months before you get to use ST. If you can spare the $ I say buy it anyway. It’ll get you familiar with everything for when the new hub launches. Who knows it can always get pushed further to 4th quarter.

  15. With the new hardware have UL monitoring capabilities? No UL monitoring is a deal killer for me.

    • why pay a 3rd party call center monthly monitoring to call you for an “event”, verify, and, then, have to make another call. You could have already called yourself. The monitoring model that has existing for so many years is being rendered obsolete…the equipment they use is so outdated, it’s laughable. I think ADT Pulse has what you may be looking for, for about $1800 bucks over 3 years and that doesn’t include up front expenses.

      • If you plan to always be where you can get a response … great. I want someone notified when I am off the grid. ELK is another great option for HA with security, but I would rather go with a more current more open solution. Also considering DSC or Honeywell with envsalink IP monitoring which I can then link into an HA solution.

      • One thing to keep in mind is the homeowners (or renters) insurance discount. It usually only applies if you are monitored by a UL-approved monitoring service. You can find them pretty cheap and they can use IP as the communications path, but you still need to “talk” the right protocol to them.

    • UL is only needed for power supply style devices – things that plug in. Those type of devices from SmartThings are UL listed.

  16. Will the v2 hub support the Dash7 protocol (433.92 MHz frequency)?

    • No. it will not. It does have two USB expansion slots. There are many ideas on how to use them. Adding extra radio devices/antennas is one.

  17. Hi all, the next generation of smartthings hub will support the european zwave frequencies?

  18. Will the new hub have Bluetooth? I have an August smart lock and would love to be able to control it via ST.

  19. Oh.
    I just ordered ST1. :|
    After reading some comments, and since I’m blessed with rather great internet.. Hopefully I won’t sorely miss whatever new features this will include.
    Will I?
    (as someone just jumping into the scene ;).. what should I do?)

  20. Any update on this beside the update since March 31st (Which, I admit, is not to long ago).

    • Also would like an update. I’m sticking it out with a crappy wink hub I got for free….. Waiting to switch.

  21. Thats great. I just can wait to use this stuff from my amazing smartthings iPad app by shaking it like a crazed monkey… :-

  22. When will this update be launched? I want to get smarthings but waiting for the new hardware….

  23. July is Q3, right? I just need to wait for 20 days? or it may come to the end of Q3, which is Sept?

  24. Please make the Version 2 work with
    Visonic SENSORS!!!

  25. Any updates on when this will be released?

  26. great just bought $700 of the 1st gen stuff…..

  27. 3 more days to Q3! :)
    My god, if i don’t hear anything about the ST Hub V2. I think I’m gonna reconsider my options (Not personal), i just can’t take another delay. I know how hard you guys are working, enable to satisfy us.

  28. Seems like Smartings just created a whole bunch of hype and then went cold… Couldn’t you announce things on the day they are launched other than making people excited and then never getting it released? :( When is the v2 hardware being released?

  29. Update on v2 please… I was ready to order a kit, how long to get the nextGen?

  30. Any updates??? Waiting for ST v.2…

  31. Hey guys, is there a new update for release date? I almost go to buy v1.

  32. Hey SmartThings, you have a lot of people out there that want an update. A lot of people want to use your newer tech and can’t think of buying the v1 when the possibility of v2 is right around the corner. There’s a lot of similar tech as smartthings but you have a loyal base and soon big fans

  33. The only thing that stops me from buying this is its all cloud running approach. Until you cannot control it locally on your WLAN network (without Internet) its just a fancy toy. Cloud services are supposed to bring more power to running and resources locally and offload some to the cloud, not make things worse by taking control away from users.

    Nobody can seriously consider using a device to control your security cameras, door locks, and your whole home that dies when the Internet or power is gone. I mean, honestly, even the biggest datacenters in the world have downtimes and they invested hundreds of millions on reliability, so take a guess how reliable the Internet in most homes is. Yeah, terrible awful.

    A central home device should work both without Internet and without energy (at least for some time) so I think your approach with v2 is on the correct path.

    The cloud services can be an extra and they can surely make things easier for some things but there is no reason why someone should not be able to access his devices and sensors directly on his local network or by tapping his local IP remotely (fixed IP). That is just dumb design, you probably thought it was cool and its as dumb as when Linksys and Cisco started to give a Cloud Control panel for their home controlled routers, we know how that disasters worked and they stepped back very fast on that one. Actually the number question on Amazon and other sites people have is “Will this work without Internet….”

    If you fix this, then you are going to be superior to any other device. The only reason why I didn’t consider Vera is because they are Z-Wave only when most devices are going an all open approach. Its all about giving users a choice.

  34. Lutron integration is critical for our adopting a SmartThings hub and apps.
    Please prioritize adding a Lutron compatible antenna.

    The Lutron casetta RF control design is far superior to all other home RF technologies on the market which we have tested and used since the early 1990s.

  35. So what’s the update on this, when is it available?

  36. When will we be getting updates on this again smartthings?

  37. It has been 4 months since this update was released. Are we any closer to a possible release date? :)

  38. I’m waiting for some Dubai support at 220V. I have a 6 bedroom Villa ready to be smart home wired and nothing. Anyone know of any Smart Home things to be done abroad at 220V, please let me know. Username at gmail.

  39. Any option to preorder? :)

  40. I would like to add my vote to all the people requesting Lutron Caseta support. Listen to your customers. They somehow know what they want.

  41. When is the V2 expected for? We’re already in August.

  42. Another vote for Lutron support. I’m just getting started with HA and Lutron is my choice for light switches.

  43. Got my SmartThings a couple months ago, but I’d like to actually see what the benefits of this new “v2” platform will be.
    Local (non-cloud based) is a very nice addition.
    Any new support for.. say.. wireless IP cameras?
    SkyBell support?

  44. Has there been any clear documents that discuss the difference between the two hubs. I thought BLE was going into the new hub, but apparently not.

  45. Europe version any time soon?

  46. I’m probably too late to affect any design decisions, but is there any chance the power input will be based on USB standards? (e.g 5V via micro USB plug/socket)

    For people living overseas this would make things a lot simpler, rather than having to get custom power supplies or adapters. Just about everyone has a few spare USB chargers floating around or could get hold of a 2A USB adapter.

  47. Please add Lutron caseta control options for all of us who have already invested in this most reliable radio control interface.

  48. Lost my business (and I suspect many more) due to no Lutron support. Stupid move.

  49. I have the new ST hub 2.0. Now how to I make it work?

  50. Lack of Lutron Caseta support is the only thing keeping me from purchasing SmartThings. The dimmers are the best and the pico remote is inexpensive and convenient. There is nothing else on the market for the price and size of the pico remote.

  51. Can you purchase a US model for use in the UK if you just change the mains supply adapter?

  52. Lutron support please :)

  53. i want to know if the samsung 50′ tv js7200 have smartthings hub integrated or not in egypt market ?

  54. Another vote for Lutron caseta inclusion. Will not purchase Smartthings until Lutron is supported.

  55. Another vote/ request for Lutron support..

  56. Does Smartthings 2 have Lutron Caseta Support?? They seem to have the best in wall lighting controls and I REALLLLLY want to buy a SmartThings to control them! I want to add motion sensors, etc, and They dont currently have any motion sensing equipt compatible with Lutron Caseta. Can you make this happen??

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