[VIDEO] America’s Smartest Home

The Wall Street Journal recently explored what it’s like to live in “America’s smartest home”– a two-story Craftsman where SmartThings’ CEO Alex Hawkinson has breathed life into more than 100 devices to gain convenience, peace of mind, and security.

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  1. He says he turns lights on and off at random when he is away. I’m not finding this app?

    • @alttext:disqus any idea how to setup lights to go on when you’re away based on a previous pattern like he mentioned? I’ve been searching for this and haven’t been able to find it. I found some references to “old” apps that could do this. But am not finding anything in the new interface. I’m on the latest Android version.

      • @disqus_4JUOekyceo:disqus – I didn’t hear Alex mention lights turning on and off randomly or based upon a pattern. While we certainly want to have an option for that soon, right now automating lights happens when events happen (motion sensed, etc), on a schedule (time or sunrise/sunset), or based on people coming and going. What specifically would you like to do? You can also check out the SmartThings Community site. (http://community.smartthings.com)

        • I had already spent some time looking for it on the community site, but wasn’t able to. The closest I cam was this app posted there (http://community.smartthings.com/t/app-idea-and-random-feature/1273/2). However it mentions “There used to be. I can’t find it now. It was under security. It was
          pretty cool. Instead of random on/off and duration, it used actual
          activity from a random day in the past. I’ll see if I can find the app
          name and code.”, I was hoping to find that.

          Alex appears to mention this as well at 3:45 in the video: “When we’re on vacation it’s going to do things like turn on some of the lights in different sequences as though we’re here. So I don’t have to set a timer or anything for any of that activity, it just knows like what was the previous pattern so it emulates us being here”.

          This is basically what I was looking for but have not been able to find on the community site or digging through the mobile app. Essentially, having it remember a previous pattern and then emulate that when I set the home to “vacation” mode.

          • I actually thought this SmartApp already existed. Not good when the CEO mentions it and no one can find it! ;-)

  2. What light what he using in the kitchen for Notify? It looked small. Small enough to fit into the cubby and be a useful Notify tool.


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