The Smart Home of the Future

As we continue to expand the many ways you can use SmartThings today, we wanted to offer you a glimpse into the SmartThings home of tomorrow. Here are just a few of the exciting things we’re working on delivering in the near future.

Get ready to experience life like never before.

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  • videoguy1

    I’d like to see it work with Tilt My Blinds, Lockitron, Ring (formally Doorbot), Gogogate, am a host of other crowd funded projects as was Smartthings.

  • ddluk

    Nice things, but for example putting content on TV during watching movie/game is not allowed by low in EU. Any application that covers broadcast (even as popup), or use minimized broadcast inside application is forbidden by law in EU. How you are going to achieve it?

    • Alexis_Zenios

      They dont have devices compatible with EU Z Wave anyways. So kinda a moot point.

      • ddluk

        From what I see from Twitter ( they are coming soon to Europe probably with hub version 2 so I’d like to know how they will solve this issue :)

        • Alexis_Zenios

          They have been saying this for ages already. And its not like they dont have the tech. There were Kickstarter editions with EU Z Wave. Maybe Samsung is holding it back?

    • TerryGauchat

      Wow… I guess America still is land of the free. Europeans are told they can’t overlay information on their OWN televisions?