Jeff Hagins on SmartThings’ Beginnings

SmartThings’ CTO, Jeff Hagins, stepped on stage at this week’s Startup Grind conference to tell the story of how a personal disaster sparked the idea for SmartThings just three years ago, how it’s evolved, and how far it still has to go.

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  1. SmartThings is a disaster itself that needs to be contained!!!!!

    Do not use ST for any automation where you cannot verify the results in person every time (clearly defeats the purpose of using ST). This system is outright dangerous. Saying this system is a joke is being generous.

    For over a month, my wife and I kept finding our front door unlocked and garage door open in the morning. After blaming each other for several weeks, we have now verified that ST does indeed delay the automation that should occur upon arrival for hours until my family is fast asleep.

    It is absolutely irresponsible (even criminal) for SmartThings to claim that their system provides safely and security, when in fact, it places individuals and families at extreme risk. It’s just a matter of time before ST is sued for causing direct harm or contributing to personal loss and/or injury.

    ST is clearly and fully aware of these problems based on endless postings on ST’s community forums and the company’s own half acknowledgments and apologies for the same.


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