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Earlier this month, Reviewed.com talked with SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson to hear about the new SmartThings Hub, lineup of sensors, and app experience. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved:

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  1. Disappointed there is no mention of a new app for Microsoft platforms. This excludes me from purchasing a SmartThings system.

    • Are you talking about Windows Phone platform which takes up about 4% of the mobile market share?

    • There is a windows phone app… I’m a little confused by your statement… I’m not aware of a Microsoft specific solution to devices… and if MS is going for their own proprietary solution instead of something like Z-wave (which is proprietary but widely supported) like several other vendors are choosing to do, well then that’s just silly on their part and on the part of anyone who chooses to enable them… just like all these other proprietary standards that keep popping up and all require their own hub or whatever other non-sense. It’s time to pull everything together and develop a couple of widely used, robust and secure standards.

  2. Waiting for Lutron caseta (far more reliable) support BEFORE purchasing SmartThings hub & devices.

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