[VIDEO] Hello, Smart Home: Rahul

Welcome to “Hello, Smart Home,” a brand-new video series where we head inside customers’ cribs to see how they’re using SmartThings to secure their homes, gain peace of mind, and fit their lifestyle.

In our first installment, we meet Rahul, who shares his SmartThings account with his wife in their two-story rental apartment. Come on in!

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Want to recreate Rahul’s smart home setup in your crib? Here’s how:

SmartThings Hub
2 SmartSense Multis
4 SmartPower Outlets
Free SmartThings app

How To:
Rahul keeps his SmartThings Hub in his dining room. From this central location, its can easily reach the SmartThings sensors he keeps on the main floor and downstairs bedroom.

Rahul and his wife each get notifications when the other is returning home. Instead of carrying a SmartSense Presence sensor, they use their smartphones as a presence sensor. You can get notifications when loved ones come and go like this (Note: You’ll first need to share your account with someone else. You can do this in the “Home & Family” section of the Dashboard by adding a new person, and then inviting them to share your account):

Rahul uses two SmartPower Outlets to trigger the lights in his den and dining room to automatically turn on when he or his wife are arriving home, and to automatically turn off when they leave. Here’s how to trigger lights to automatically come on when you come and go:

Rahul and his wife keep a SmartSense Multi sensor in their bedroom. It monitors the temperature and if it ever gets colder than 63 degrees, it triggers their two portable heaters to automatically turn on (they are each plugged in to a SmartPower Outlet). Very soon, SmartThings customers will be able to set this up directly from the Dashboard. In the meantime, here’s how to set this up:

And finally, Rahul has a Nest thermostat that he controls with SmartThings. Our team is currently working on an “official” Nest integration, but in the meantime, SmartThings customers can control their Nest with SmartThings by following these instructions that a developer in our Build community created.

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  1. Ooh this is nice. It would be cool to have a SmartThings upload channel in YouTube to share individual configurations for homes.

    I’ll probably upload mine sometime at the end of this month :D. Just waiting on that august lock / Doorbot integration! Still, I can probably fake it for a pretty video.

    • Great idea @johnzeledon:disqus . We’ll create one very shortly and would LOVE to see your home setup. Doesn’t need to be fancy (iPhone, GoPro, Android, and 1985 Sony camcorder are all okay options). If you film it, just drop me a note at eliot@smartthings.com and we’ll post it!

  2. The link for the Nest integration goes to the home page of the forums.

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