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Cover your noses, ’cause this is one of the more pungent stories about how SmartThings saved the day :-)

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“This weekend I was taking a shower when I noticed all my Philips hue lights go blue. At first I thought that someone was messing with me because I always get made fun of for my setup. After a few moments I remembered I set all my hue lights to go blue if the water sensor in the basement detected moisture!!


The SmartSense Moisture sensor will alert you as soon as there’s excess water in your home… or sewage.

I immediately flew down the steps into the basement and noticed sewage backing up the main drain. I was able to stop all water usage and not lose anything until I could get a plumber out! Without the SmartSense Moisture sensor, it would have been days until I went downstairs and it could have been awful!!! No one teases me about my ‘fortress’ now!

Thanks SmartThings!” – Rob B.


How to:

Want to be notified when different things happen by triggering your Philips hue lights to flash a certain color? No problem. Here’s how…


Use “Notify Me With Hue” to change the color of your bulbs when different things happen.

By going into the “More” category of SmartSetup and accessing SmartThings Labs, you’ll see that the second use case is called Nofify Me With Hue.

As the name implies, Notify Me With Hue will give you a heads up when different things happen around your home by temporarily turning on connected hue bulbs to a particular color and changing their brightness. After a few moments, the lights will change back to their original state.

You can customize Notify Me With Hue to activate based on motion; when things like doors, windows, or cabinets open and close; or when people arrive and leave home. You can also customize the amount of seconds that the notification light setting stays active before changing back to its original setting.


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  1. I have a flood sensor in my basement, which floods occasionally and my attic under my central AC’s drip pan.
    I’m working on having the one kill my washing machine and the other shut off the air conditioner if they detect water. Need a few more pieces of equipment still.

    • Were you able to get a few things to auto-kill? If not, what you can do is install zwave outlet for your washer. Then if the moisture sensor does it’s job and sends a warning, you can have it trigger an event to turn off the outlet.

      I do something similar with my bathroom vent. My beautiful, lovely, sweet wife has a tendency not to turn on the vent when she hops in the shower. All that moisture will eventually cause mold, plus it fogs up the mirrors. So, I installed a zwave switch for the vent and a humidity sensor. When the sensor reads a certain humidity level, it will activate the vent switch. Then, it will turn itself off after 10 minutes. Works nicely.

  2. I am thinking….. Red alert sound through sonos, red hue lights and a alarm light. Together….we have enterprise.

  3. I used the Hue Notify and tried the setting so the lights would turn a certain color when someone arrived home. I used the Duration of 10 seconds for the colors to turn. The problem is, if the Hue lights are off, they turn on and go to the color specified, and never return to their default color and they all have to be reset again.

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