SmartThings Prevents a Burglary

We love hearing real stories from customers about how they’re using SmartThings to monitor, control, and secure their homes. Today, we’re sharing a story from Allison who writes in to tell the story of how SmartThings and her D-Link camera helped deter an intruder.

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“This morning, SmartThings and my D-Link security cameras worked as intended. A suspicious guy approached my front door at 2 am, holding what appeared to be a crowbar. As soon as my motion sensor turned on my front porch light, he looked right at my security camera and took off.


“Here he is when the light turns on…”


“…and here he is changing his plans.”

This is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I have a couple more layers of security if he had continued, but I use SmartThings primarily as a deterrent to automate my lights and send motion alerts to my phone at night. I am very glad the system worked and even more tempted to buy a V2 Hub because my internet went down the two previous nights.”– Allison

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