SmartThings Alerts User of Break-In

A user sent us this e-mail about how his home was broken into when he was out of town, and how SmartThings not only sent him an instant alert as soon as the burglars entered, but also scared off his unwanted guests.

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“My house was literally broken into today. SmartThings notified me, and although we never caught the burglars, they didn’t take anything and I’ve got my in-laws fixing the door.

Photo via Ryan. (You can see the Multi on the floor.)

I think the robbers were spooked when they saw the SmartSense Multi that had broken off the door. We are out of town until Monday, so if it wasn’t for the SmartThings notification, my door would be opened for whomever for the next four days.

So that said, I’m on edge now and want to purchase some security cameras with motion detection.


How to:
Like Ryan, you can get instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet whenever there’s unexpected movement or when someone attempts to enter through a door or window at your home.

Use the SmartSense Multi to alert you when a door or window opens or is knocked down or tampered with. Simply follow the video instructions and tips offered here to place a Multi, and then use the Notify Me When SmartApp to alert you if movement is detected. (Hint: To only receive notifications when you’re out of town or at work, set it for “Away Mode.”)

While SmartThings can alert you whenever there’s potential trouble back home, it can also deter would-be intruders and act as a home security system. Simply pair your SmartSense Multis to a FortrezZ Siren Strobe Alarm and you’ll not only receive instant alerts about potential trouble, but your home will also sound a loud alarm and flash a red light to scare off trespassers.

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  1. I do wish there was a GSM bridge that could call the police with an automated recording saying “breakin at [address]” … or perhaps text message them, if that’s doable.

  2. That could easily be integrated with a service like Twilio.

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