Smart Sump Pump: Protection From Major Flood Damage

A customer describes how he’s using SmartThings to turn his ordinary sump pump into a smart sump pump.

“I have my sump pump monitored by a SmartThings SmartSense Moisture sensor. While this gives me a lot of peace of mind, the idea of water leaving the well and flooding my home does not. So I’ve found another way to help me safeguard my home and property.

Make a smart sump pump with a Multi sensor

I have attached a SmartSense Multi sensor to the sump pump outflow pipe. The versatility of the temperature-sensing ability along with the vibration sensing makes it the perfect way for me to know that the pump is active and actually working. I do not have any alerts set, but this setup allows me to monitor the pump itself and to make sure that it is functioning even before the water level rises.

Thanks to the SmartThings system and its Multi sensor, I no longer have to trudge down into the basement to make sure that the pump is actually functioning.” – Peter

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  1. Installing a sump pump is pretty straight up. Read the manufacturer’s directions and decide if you think this is a DIY project. Besides digging a sump pit (if necessary) the assembling is basic. You’ll need to measure for the correct pipe length, purchase the PVC pipes, elbow joints and connect them from the sump pump to the area you want the water to end. The trick here. is to measure accurately and pre-assemble before cluing joints securely.


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