Lights, Camera, Action!

A SmartThings customer talks about how he’s taken advantage of the recent integration with Philips hue to control all of his lights during movie night.

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“We like to watch movies in my home–especially in the evenings. To set the lighting, I like to dim the lights and turn off the lamp we have in the dining room. The problem was that we have four lamps that use hue lights and one lamp that is connected with a Z-Wave plug (via SmartThings). So when we used to sit down to watch a movie, I had to go to the hue app to dim the lights, and then go to the SmartThings app to turn off the dinning room lamp. Sure, I guess the whole thing only took about 10 seconds–but, hey–when everybody sits down and the movie is paused and I’m sitting there clicking around on my phone, people start to get antsy.

When SmartThings integrated hue lights into their app, it made things a whole lot easier! One app, one click, and everything is set for movie night. Sweet.” – Ryan

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Want to recreate Ryan’s “Movie Time” solution in your smart home? Here’s how:

• First, you’ll need to download our free app and get a SmartThings Hub
• Then, select as many smart in-wall or pluggable outlets as you’d like to control your lights (we also offer several solutions to control your lights that cost less than the combined retail price of all of the devices)

Once you have the above items and have created an account…

Go into Hello, Home, select “Add an action,” name it whatever strikes your fancy (ie: “Movie Time!”), and then just pick the lights that you’d like to control an set the dimming level. This will work with any Z-Wave lights, dimmers, overhead lights, and also Philips hue lights. And that’s it. Movie night just got smarter!

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  1. Is smartthings going to be compatible with LIFX?

  2. Any idea on when Smartthings will support energy metering?


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