Herding Cats + Checking Mail

A pet owner explains how he uses SmartThings to keep an eye on his mail and his cat.

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SmartThings = all about cats.

SmartThings = all about cats.

“At our house, checking for mail is a planned event. Our cat Gryffie is an indoor cat but will take any opportunity to bolt out the front door in search of leaves, birds, rabbits, and tasty but dangerous plants.

I use a SmartThings Multi sensor to let us know when mail has arrived so that we can open the front door only when we need to. I took the multi-sensor PCB out of its enclosure and used the mounting hole to attach it to the inside of the mailbox door using a standard bolt and nut. This keeps the sensor protected from direct rain or snow. There is no shortage of either here on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

The Notify Me When app simply sends me a text message when the orientation of the multi-sensor changes– meaning the mailbox door was opened, and that we’ve got mail! We have one less thing to think about and check during the day, and Gryffie has fewer interruptions from the one thing he does best.” –Andrew

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