First Day of School

A father talks about sending his kids back to school, and how the end of summer vacation can weigh hardest on parents.

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“Like many parents, my wife and I feel mixed emotions at the start of the school year. On the one hand, it means getting the kids out of the house and giving us a bit of a break, but it also means the end of all our fun summertime activities. Over the summer, we feel so close to the kids because they are with us all the time, but when they’re off at school during the day we feel the distance.

SmartThings certainly can’t change all of that, but one thing my wife and I absolutely love about our setup is the notifications from the presence tags in the kids’ backpacks. When I’m off at work during the day, it makes me so happy getting a short message when the kids get off the school bus so I know they got home safely. My wife also loves that the door will unlock when they arrive in case she’s not right there at the door when they get home. It’s a small thing, but we love it.”


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