Embrace Green Routines with SmartThings Energy

As Earth Month continues, SmartThings Energy and our Works with SmartThings certified partners will help keep your smart home sustainable and efficient. People today are more deliberate in their energy use, but we may not always know how to be more efficient with our everyday devices and appliances, like heating and lighting. 

Are you looking to build better energy routines but not sure where to start?

First, activate SmartThings Energy in the SmartThings app. This service tells you which devices take up the most energy, offers tips to save energy with (AI) Energy Mode, and assists in automating your routines for maximum efficiency. Next, read through our tips to build green routines you can start now.

Windows & Shades

Windows contribute 25%–30% of the energy consumed for heating and cooling in residential spaces due to heat gain and heat loss. With the inconsistent weather this time of year, you may be fiddling with your windows and AC more often and may forget the status of every window. 

Fortunately, Aqara’s Door and Window Sensor will alert you if a window is left open, so you remember to close it before you leave the house.

Their smart curtain controllers save you energy, too. Natural light from the sun may warm up your home, leading you to turn up the AC. Aqara’s curtain controllers allow you to easily open and close the curtains from wherever you are, using the SmartThings app.

Smart Plugs

Forget to unplug the coffee maker before work? With Eve smart plugs and power meters, you never have to worry about wasted energy again.

Use SmartThings to control these Matter-compatible devices from anywhere, track their energy consumption, and even set timers for them to optimize energy usage. By monitoring individual devices’ power usage and monthly costs, you can make informed decisions to lower utility bills.

For example, create a routine that triggers plugged-in appliances to switch on and off based on whether someone is coming or leaving home. 

Smart plugs also reduce “phantom power” – the electricity devices drain even when you think they’re off.

Dimmers & Switches

If you forget to turn off a light before leaving a room or going on vacation, turn it off from wherever you are in the SmartThings app, thanks to TP-Link | Kasa Smart light switches and dimmers. 

Create a routine to automatically toggle a switch upon detecting someone entering or leaving a room and activate the switch when it detects motion.

SmartThings and our innovative partners will help reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on electricity bills, and make your smart home as comfortable and kind to the planet as possible. 

This Earth Month, do #DoTheSmartThings and download the SmartThings app in the Google Play or Apple Store to activate SmartThings Energy and build a greener, more sustainable home.

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