A Smarter Way To Do Laundry

A woman explains how she uses SmartThings to remind her husband that the laundry is done–especially while he’s watching sports.

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“Do you ever put two socks in the laundry and only one comes out?  Well, my husband used to put two socks in the laundry, and neither one came out. Nothing came out. It was kind of like that Seinfeld stand-up routine. You know the one…

He just forgot that he started the load of laundry, so it sat there for days. I’m not sure how that happened, but it happened. Every week.

The washing machine is in the basement, and he usually put a load of laundry in just as he started watching the Patriots game each Sunday this past winter. The alarm at the end of the cycle must have gone off exactly at the same time as the Patriots scored a touchdown each week, and his hoots of celebration covered the noise. Anyway, his laundry was inevitably left damp and soaking in the basement until the next unlucky user tried to use the machine (read: me). No amount of coaching or reminding helped.

[pullquote]We both get a text message whenever the washing is finished. It’s brilliant and so easy.”[/pullquote]Well, that’s the way it used to be. The Patriots are still winning, and my husband still cheers every time they score.  But, now our washing machine is now a smart Thing. With an attached $49 SmartThings Multi sensor and the “Laundry Monitor” SmartApp, we both get a text message whenever the washing is finished. It’s brilliant and so easy. We even laundryuse the same SmartApp and another Multi to tell us when the dryer is done, too.

I love the Laundry Monitor app because I don’t miss a minute between loads even on the busiest day when I’m in my office two floors away and can’t hear the cycle alarm. Plus, it costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy a ‘smart washer.’ Thanks SmartThings! Now, can you find that one sock that the dryer ate?” – Maria

How To:

Want to get a notification whenever your laundry is done? Easy. Just set up the Laundry Monitor use case in the More category of SmartSetup:

Then, place a SmartSense Multi sensor on the side or top of your washing machine. Configure the Laundry Monitor SmartApp by selecting a Multi following the prompt: “Tell me when this washer has stopped…”. You can also select a lamp or light to turn on or flash if you’d like multiple notifications.

This use case works by sending you a notification once the washer stops vibrating. Since a washer may stop vibrating at certain points during a cycle (example: during the few seconds between when water stops flowing and a cycle starts, if you open up the door to check on it, etc.), the two prompts under the header “Time thresholds” are simply meant to prevent false a notification if the washer is still running but not vibrating.

“Minimum cycle time” = the shortest amount of time that it takes your laundry cycle to run.

“Time to fill tub” = the amount of time that it takes your washer to fill with water.

(Note: If you set the “Time to fill tub” field for less time than it actually takes for your tub to fill with water, you may receive a notification before your laundry is ready.) 

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  1. To learn more about the Laundry Monitor app, check out our blog post here:

  2. Thanks! I have an extra Multi laying around… now I know what to do with it!

  3. Any discount codes currently available or 4th of July sale coming up? Looking
    to purchase the Smarter Home Security Kit

  4. I have finally set this up, and after 2 loads of laundry we have received NO notifications. I have followed the instructions here and on the blog post referenced below. Any other suggestions?

  5. Yeah. We are a big fan of the 3M Command Strips for ease of removal but strong hold.

  6. Does this require the smart things hub?


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