A Light That Can Make Her Feel Like a Princess

Bedtime becomes magical for one small SmartThings user.

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“My 7-year-old is the light of my life, and she loves all things princess-related. One thing she didn’t love so much, though, was bedtime. Anyone who’s ever had a kid knows what I mean. Every night felt like a struggle, especially when storytime ended and it came time to turn off the light.

“A couple of months ago, I thought I might try to sweeten the deal a little bit. We already had a SmartThings setup and Amazon Alexa in the house, so I bought an extra SmartThings Outlet and plugged in her nightlight. Now every night after storytime, she grabs her fairy princess wand, and says, “Alexa, turn on the princess light!” and, like any loyal subject, the light obeys her command. Now she looks forward to bedtime every night, and we all go to sleep smiling.”– Brian

Inspired by Brian’s story? Here’s his setup:

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  1. What color do you set it to? Is this a princess nightlight?

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