A Lawn That Can Keep Itself Green

SmartThings and Spruce make lawn care a cinch.

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“I was looking at ways to reduce my irrigation utility bill as well as take out the headache of having to constantly adjust the time-based controller. This came to the fore this winter as we seemed to experience an unusual spell of rainy days which meant frequent manual shut downs as well as having to remember to reactivate the system once the storms have passed.

“This is when I came across the Spruce system, which was still in its pre-launch stage. I placed an order as soon as they started shipping.

“Set up was also a breeze; a press of a button later and I was up and running.

“The system is currently set up to run on two schedules as grass requires to be watered mid-day because of the heat. Two soil sensors are linked to zones that connect to the relevant solenoids. Not wanting to take too many chances at first, I disabled the learning mode and settled for the more rudimentary moisture target option. Testing phase complete, I am now ready to move on to the ‘clever’ mode.

“Overall, I was impressed with the system capability as well as the reliability of the SmartThings Hub – a pleasant surprise given my not-so-good experience with other controllers in the past.

“As for how much I saved? I will have to get back to you on this one as my utility bill for the month has yet to come out. I am expecting some good news though!”– Omar

Inspired by Omar’s story? Here’s his setup:

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  1. Nice and very useful project..Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought…New 12 Things about home automation

  2. The design is excellent! This reduces the labor intensity and conserves water resources. I give the designer a good rating.



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