Turtle Power

A user who frequently travels describes how she can keep an eye (and just the right amount of light) on her two pet turtles from a distance.

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[pullquote]I rest assured with the control I have over my turtle’s lighting schedule.”[/pullquote]“I’ve had two pet turtles for the past 6 years. They live in a 55-gallon tank that required UVA and UVB lighting for approximately 12 hours a day. Before SmartThings I used a dial timer to regulate the lighting. It was unreliable, as you could imagine.

Now that I have SmartThings, I replaced the old dial timer with a Smartenit plug-and-control outlet. I rest assured with the control I have over my turtles’ lighting schedule. I travel frequently and love checking my phone to see when their lighting is on and off. Thanks to SmartThings, I am now in control of the tank lighting and feel like a better turtle mother!”

How To:
“I plugged SmartThings Smartenit plug-and-control outlet into a wall outlet near the tank. I connected the two lamp cords by plugging them into sockets of an extension cord. I then plugged the extension cord into the Smartenit plug-and-control outlet. After the hardware was set up, I went into the SmartThings app and used the “Once a Day” SmartApp to set the lighting schedule. Easy peasy.”


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