Windows Version 1.1.0 is Here

We’ve just released an updated version of the SmartThings app for Windows Phone. It’s now available for free download.

Version 1.1.0 includes lots of bug fixes and improvements designed to enhance overall performance and stability. There are also some new features–most notably, a new look to the SmartSetup section of the app.

Here’s a look at what’s new and different.

New Features:

  • Added “Update Hub” firmware screen and process
  • Added proactive notifications that updated firmware is available


  • Multiple locations: You can now add a Hub to a location that already exists
  • Optimization to the icon picker
  • Added a pressed state to all button taps throughout the app
  • Updated to the look and feel of SmartSetup
  • The Things view is now faster


  • Fixed in pages, time input can only be activated by tapping directly on text
  • Fixed long group names being cut off in Things
  • Fixed Location Settings > Hub > Zwave Utilities: Minimizing/force closing the app does not end exclusion process
  • Fixed pages are not saved when navigating via href elements
  • Fixed client is not updating the chevron-style arrow when configuring/changing a smartapp
  • Fixed when setting up use cases and selecting devices if two devices share a name selecting one will always select the other thing with the same
  • Fixed cannot invite a user when you have multiple locations
  • Fixed SmartSetup menu does not load correctly when navigating back from More
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  1. Who in their right mind actually uses Windows Phone anyhow?

  2. nice app :)

  3. Great to see another update for the windows phone, but it’s a shame it still doesn’t include a way to add pictures to the presence devices.


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