Windows Version 1.0.4 is Here

Version 1.0.4 of the SmartThings app for Windows Phone is now available for free download.

Windows version 1.0.4 includes several bug fixes, user interface improvements, and overall performance improvements for an improved user experience and increased stability. Here is a look at a few of the noteworthy new features and bug fixes:

rsz_21untitled-1New Features:

  • Ability to group/ungroup device tiles together
  • Ability to reorder tiles in a location or group
  • Group activity log
  • Group detail screen tiles
  • Password Recovery Screen – From Email Link

  • Sorting of the Dashboard

  • Device Activity Log

  • Alert For Hub Offline

  • Color Picker tile model and view

  • Image Carousel tile and view

  • Alert for User Without a Connected Hub When Connecting New Device

  • Tool Tip Alert inside of SmartSetup when a hub isn’t connected

  • Add Icon & Images for device state in device selectors


  • Updated the style on the Slider Tile

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Account creation screen: capitalize Full Name field

  • Fixed: “Welcome to SmartThings” header is cut off

  • Fixed: Ugly transition screen when opening or backing out of SmartApp configs

  • Fixed: Set Location: Location Name input is cleared when navigating away from set up location

  • Fixed: Location details>If hub is inactive, make text red

  • Fixed: “Not yet configured” triangles showing on many tiles in device details on unconfigured devices

  • Fixed: When a user tries to add a new mobile presence device while location services are disabled, the app will crash.

  • Fixed: Door & Locks > Cards do not load if switching fast between Dashboard & Module or Module & Config

  • Fixed: Can’t get anything under “more” category of smartsetup to work

  • Fixed: The text at top of app is often dark (ie, Next tile) and hard to differentiate.

  • Fixed: Dashboard > Modules: Dashboards created via incomplete use case display programmatic text

  • Fixed: Crash on launching Things view

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