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In our quest to add smartness to new things (see what we did there?), we’ve been busy growing and evolving the Works With SmartThings (WWST) program. Today, we’re excited to share more details around two awesome integrations: Netgear Arlo and Google Home.

By integrating Netgear Arlo and Google Home with SmartThings, you’ll not only be able to access live video streaming, but you can also talk to your smart home and control it with your voice. What a time to be alive!

Voice. Why does this matter to you?
Google Home brings to the table a lot of its powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence–which means you can interact with your smart home a lot more naturally.

020Just as you might not want to walk over to a light switch or tap your thermostat to adjust it, you might not also want to whip out your smartphone every time you control your smart home. By combining SmartThings + Google Home, you don’t have to.

Our Google Home integration essentially turns your home into an on-demand butler that’s ready to respond to your every beck and call. All you need to do is to tell your lights and thermostat what it is you want them to do and they will spring into action.

How does this work? Why do I need it?
By pairing Google Home + SmartThings, you can tell your lights to turn on or off, change their colors, or adjust your thermostat. Already in bed and forgot to turn down the thermostat? Sitting comfortably on the couch and don’t want to dim the lights when watching a movie? Just say, “Okay Google, turn up the thermostat” or “Okay Google, dim the lights.” Easy peasy.

Video: What’s the big deal?
The big deal is live video! Trigger-based recording! Adding Arlo to the platform and WWST program was a no-brainer, and we’re the only DIY smart home platform to have these capabilities.

What does this mean? Based on rules that you set (ex: unexpected motion, unwanted entry, etc.), SmartThings will send you an immediate notification and our Netgear Arlo integration will begin live-streaming a video of the event that’s taking place that you can access on your smartphone. Whether it’s a teenager sneaking home after curfew, a dog on the couch, or keeping an eye on Amazon Prime deliveries, we’ve got you covered.

The addition of Netgear Arlo and Google Home to the SmartThings platform takes the smart home to a whole new level. The smart home is getting much simpler to use, and we’re proud to be a part of that movement with Google Home and Arlo through voice control and video.


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  1. Wondering about security in controlling the Smart Home Monitor and doors. I’ve read stories about people from the outside of the house being able to tell Siri on an iPad to unlock the door. Will Google Home have some security features built in? Currently my alarm and doors are all integrated with SmartThings.

    • Do you have an IPad? Can you unlock your door using Siri on your IPad? Do you leave it on all the time when you’re not home? Is it near a door or window? Do murderers, and burglars know that you have this technology? How many stories like that have you heard? I only heard one. Does your smart home alarm system alert you if somebody enters your home?

    • Please make it so the Google Home can also function as a alarm and smatthings notification platform as well!

  2. This was a question I had when Smartthings first announced video surveillance capabilities, and now with Google (partnership), when can we point video recording / picture stills to alternate storage devices/services? Rather than paying a month service/storage for surveillance through Smartthings, or partnered device services, I’d like to redirect video recordings or picture stills to a home nas (synology, qnap, etc.) or already paid storage solution (google drive, dropbox, ftp to web host server, amazon S3, etc.).

  3. Please make it so the Google Home can also function as a alarm and smatthings notification platform as well! I’d love for the my Google Home to give me warnings like “a leak has been detected under the kitchen sink” or ” the front door has been opened”

  4. Could they be priced as Xiaomi and not 50* the price for basically the same product? Xiaomi is the only one that makes it main stream instead of putting a million fold profit return on the smart sensors and hub.

  5. Regarding Arlo, what’s new here compared to https://blog.smartthings.com/news/roundups/arlo-on-the-smartthings-platform/? Is the Arlo Q (and basically the whole Arlo line-up) supported as of now?

  6. Does this impact my monthly net bill? I mean how much the data will be lost in all this?

  7. New user of SmartThings. Q. My lamp shows “No installed SmartApps” and I can’t get to SmartApps to set one up. Help please.

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