As you might have seen chirping about on the Twitters, Pebble, the smartwatch that more than 85,000 backers brought to life on Kickstarter, is running a one-day #WearableWednesday promo today highlighting the most useful, elegant, and stylish smart sensors on the market. Among the items featured is our SmartSense Presence sensor–specifically our three-pack, which comes at a 12% discount compared to purchasing three individual Presence sensors.

presence-blogSo what makes this teeny-tiny device so smart?  Easy: It offers equal parts peace of mind and convenience. Just put it on a keychain; place it in a purse, backpack, or glove compartment; or attach it to your dog’s collar and it can send you a push or text notification whenever a person, pet, or car arrives and leaves home.

Peace of Mind
• Know when your child comes home from school.
• Get an alert if your teen isn’t back before curfew.
• Know if your husband or wife is rolling up to the driveway.
• Be notified if Barkley leaves the house unexpectedly.
• Trigger a beep to find where you left your keys (if attached to a keychain).

Things get really smart when you combine the SmartSense Presence sensor with other SmartThings devices:

• Have a smart lock?
Doors will automatically unlock and lock when you come and go.

• Have a smart outlet?
Lights will turn on and off when you step into and out of a room.

• Have outdoor lights?
Automatically light your path at night from the driveway to the door when you get home.

Get to know the SmartSense Presence sensor even better here.

Want to integrate your Pebble watch with SmartThings?
Easy. Here’s how:

1) Make sure your Pebble and phone are paired properly.

2) In your iOS Settings, go to Notification Center –> SmartThings –> Show on Lock Screen

3) In the SmartThings Dashboard, set up alerts in our Home & Family section to text when people come and go. That way, any text or push messages you get for SmartThings will show up on your Pebble watch screen.

SmartThings Updates
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  1. I’m hoping Santa brings me a Pebble for Christmas. Can the same thing be done with Android?

    • @michaelpouliot:disqus it can. Several developers on our team have SmartThings for Android + Pebble and have integrated the two. Not sure if you saw, but this comment on our FB page may help, too:

      “You can do even more then just get updates if you’re using Android. Use the Glance app or Pebble Tasker you can initiate Tasker commands from Pebble. Using RESTful calls to SmartThings devices you can do things like open a garage door, unlock a door or turn on lights.”


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