[VIDEO] 2015 CES Opening Keynote Address

In case you missed it last night, SmartThings CEO, Alex Hawkinson, joined Samsung Electronics’ President and CEO, BK Yoon, on stage to deliver the opening keynote address that officially started the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

You can watch the full presentation below (Hawkinson enters at 29:15).
And for a full recap of what Hawkinson announced, check out our coverage from the event last night.

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  1. Gotta love these awkward keynotes where someone asks another person scripted questions. Does anything think it is a real conversation? Does anyone think it’s a compelling way to get information across? Apple doesn’t do this for a reason. Isn’t that what caused Michael Bay to flip out, melt down, and run off the stage crying at Samsung’s keynote a couple years ago? — Other than that these updates seem good! Looking forward to having my apps controlled in my own house, not across the country!


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