Updated Terms of Use

Spoiler: Unless you’re a developer, our updated Terms of Use are still the same for you. If you are a developer, you’ll probably like this.

Our lawyers have told us that we should let everyone know that we’ve just updated our Terms of Use. They’re each eight-feel tall and very intimidating, so we’re going to listen to them.

The headline that if you’re a developer and you create a SmartApp, you own that SmartApp. Regardless of whether you wish to keep the SmartApp private or choose to make it public and share it with other users, you’ll own the code and intellectual property. By submitting it to the SmartThings IDE, you’ll grant us the right to use it to:

• “Run your SmartApp in the SmartThings Cloud”
• “Audit your code to ensure platform stability and security”

… which is just legal-ese for saying, “to ensure that the thing can run.”

Anyway, if you’re a developer and care to read the full update from our co-founder and CTO Jeff Hagins, you can do so here.


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