Two New Items in the SmartThings Shop

We’ve recently unveiled two new items in the SmartThings Shop. Let us introduce you to the SmartPower Outlet and the Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor!


Hi. I’m new here. Nice to meet you.

The SmartPower Outlet

Plug in lights, electronics, and small appliances to this portable outlet to remotely control and monitor them from your smartphone–wherever you are. There’s no hard wiring or complicated setup needed, and because it runs on ZigBee, it will extend the range of your SmartSense Presence and Multi sensors, and all of your ZigBee-based devices.

Simply attach this pluggable outlet into any standard three-prong plug and follow the easy instructions in the SmartThings app to start using your smartphone like a remote control to power your lights and electronics.


I’m so small. Can you even see me?

The Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor

This teeny-tiny open/closed sensor is virtually invisible. Measuring just 10 millimeters in width, this battery powered, Z-Wave, magnetic door sensor blends in to your home’s background. Unlike other Z-Wave door / window Sensors, this little guy is easily installed within a door frame and avoids altering a room’s aesthetics.

Get notifications when doors open and close, get alerts when doors are left open, and trigger different actions to take place when people come and go.

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  1. Was wondering if the outlet support dimming?

    • Hey, Pete:
      There are two kinds: an on/off switch (which we’re selling in the Shop now), and an outlet that supports dimming (which we have in our inventory and will be selling in the Shop moving forward).

  2. Ummm. Am I missing something? The Recessed Door Sensor is exactly what I’m looking for. And looking. And looking. But I don’t see it in your store. The link above takes me to (essentially) a blank page.


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