Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alerts

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to announce a brand-new addition to the “Damage & Danger” section of the SmartThings Dashboard that’s designed to protect those you love the most. 

Starting today, a new series of use cases will be available within the “Damage & Danger” category that allows you monitor and prevent the potentially deadly effects of smoke and carbon monoxide from causing harm to your family.

In order for SmartThings to monitor smoke and carbon monoxide and trigger different actions if it’s detected, you’ll need a compatible smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Here are two that we’ve tested and can recommend:

First Alert Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smoke Detector
First Alert Battery-Powered 3-Volt Smoke Detector

Once you’ve connected one of the above items, you can begin to customize how SmartThings will respond to these dangers. Start by tapping the prompt titled “Smoke and Carbon Monoxide,” and name the area where you’d like SmartThings to watch out for these dangers–such as “Kitchen,” or “Living Room.” Then, select the different actions that you’d like to take place if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Among the different things that are possible, you can…

• Trigger your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector to sound a loud alarm
• Receive an instant push or text message alert to anyone’s phone
• Turn on different lights to highlight an escape route for those inside (and then automatically turn these lights off once the danger is all clear)
• Automatically unlock doors to open an escape route for those inside


After you have set up SmartThings to monitor smoke and carbon monoxide, these configurations will be visible as both a tile in your Things screen, and also on your Dashboard:

Image-1  Image  Image-2

This new functionality will be available in full to Android users in several weeks once we release our major Android app upgrade.

In the meantime, Android users can still connect a smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector. So long as it’s one of the two compatible devices listed above, it will show up properly in your Things screen and you can use the “Notify Me When” SmartApp to receive instant text or push notifications when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

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  1. Once you have a SmartHub in place (likely with a few other SmartThings already invested … sunk cost); the incremental cost of the above recommended solution sure beats the price of a Nest Smoke Detector (though might not be quite as fancy…). ref:

  2. I am so relieved that there is a CO detector available now for SmartThings. I hated having my pets alone with no remote CO alarm. I just bought two of the CO & Smoke detectors at Lowes and saved 10% by using this coupon code:
    Free shipping if order > $49
    Also, I saved another 4% by using Ebates:

  3. Can the smoke detector be muted from the Smartthings app? I have many false alarms from cooking, it would be great to not have to go press the mute button on the detector itself…

  4. It would be nice if first alert made a zwave wired smoke and CO detector. I would like to start switching mine out.

    • Yeah me too. I like the battery powered one for functions but like the idea of wired better. That said, I have replaced a few of my wired ones with these battery operated ones for testing and such. Work well.

  5. For those of us who already HAVE several Nest Protects, it would be great to be able to monitor/control them with the SmartThings app, especially given the power and flexibility of the apps one can create (think: multiple notifications or variable notification depending on whether someone is home or the house is empty.

  6. Wait, I’m confused. How does this work with Smart Things if it doesn’t have Z Wave or ZigBee? I thought everything had to support those protocols in order to communicate with the Smart Hub?

  7. A month ago, I bought one of the First Alert Smoke Fire / CO ZWave detectors. Tonight, I took it into my RV and added it to my hub. Super easy. I already have a Nest Protect in the RV interior so I’m putting this First Alert in a storage bay.

  8. Can these be set up to have triggers to sound the alarm? In other words if one goes off, it can set off the others? Or even be used as an alarm if set off by a motion or door sensor.

  9. My current smoke alarms alert each other when one goes off. Would I have to replace all of them with Z-wave to have that functionality? Or could one main unit be on Smartthings and the others on the more basic connection? Has anyone tried this? It’s first alert wireless one link.


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