SmartThings & the Apple Watch

We’ve just released an updated version of our iOS app that makes it possible to sync your Apple Watch with SmartThings. In addition to this new integration, SmartThings iOS version 1.7.3 also has a handful of performance improvements and bug fixes. It is now available for free download in the iTunes store.

The SmartThings integration with Apple Watch underlines our commitment to building an open smart home platform that offers as much freedom as possible when choosing which connected products to use in your home.

Here’s a video from SmartThings’ director and lead architect of mobile, Kyle LeNeau, showing how to sync your smartphone to your Apple Watch, and the key features of the new integration.

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  1. This looks fantastic. I’m thinking of switching from my Vera controller which has been getting increasingly unreliable. Will Smartthings also support HomeKit?

  2. Any chance of a bug fix update? The watch extension almost never responds…

  3. The Apple Watch setup automatically transferred my SmartThings app from my iphone to my Apple Watch and it displays “Manage Apple Watch from My Account in SmartThings. After following your video, it has not changed.

  4. Will you be adding support to control lights with this? I’d really like to be able to turn on and off my lights.

  5. I have the same problem as KnightRonnie, any fix?

  6. Had to do a re-boot on the watch to actually make this action show up.

  7. Does this work on the Apple watch 1?

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