SmartThings’ Samsung Gear S App Version 1.2 is Here!

We’ve just released an updated version of the SmartThings Gear S app. Our second iteration of our first wearable version of the SmartThings app is now available for free download. Below is an overview of the Gear S app, a list of what’s new and improved, and instructions on how to download the app.

The SmartThings 1.2 for Gear S allows you to activate Hello, Home actions by either tapping the screen, or through voice recognition. It can recognize all of the preset phrases in the app, in addition to any custom phrases that you’ve set up. If you have multiple locations, you can also easily change your locations via the Gear S.

To see SmartThings and the Gear S in action, take a look at this video of SmartThings CEO, Alex Hawkinson, doing a live demo of its voice-recognition capabilities on stage at the Samsung Developer Conference in November.

(Everything you see here is now available with this release.)

What’s new:
SmartThings version 1.2 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed: S-Voice Button, Location Switch Buttons are moved to the center of the bottom custom bar.
• Fixed: Background color when no background images present is now black.
• Fixed: Launch icon is moved to the center.
• Fixed: Change to block screen time out when voice recognition is in progress

Performance enhancements:
• S-Voice Button changes to blue when pressed, and changes to white when released. When it starts recording, the icon changes to red when start recording. It changes to a different image (analyzing) when the S-Voice starts to analyze the command.
• New Pop-up (“Ooops! Command cannot be recognized! Please try again!”) appears when the S-Voice can recognize what the user is saying but the command does not exist in the system nor the server.

How to download the SmartThings Gear S app:
You’ll need the Android SmartThings app and an active account with a working Hub and location to run the Galaxy Gear app.

To install SmartThings 1.2 for Gear S, click “Get more applications” from your Gear S home screen. You will need to have the Samsung Gear Manager app installed on your Android phone. Once that’s installed, you will have the option to go to the App —> Samsung Gear App, and then search for and download the SmartThings app.

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  1. The SmartThings app for Gear S looks different with app in Android mobile, will it have “Dashboard” view ? What’s the main job of this app?

  2. Still disappointed in SmartThings lack of openness and favoritism for their parent company. Release something for Android Wear. Hell, I’d be happy if they ever even just added widgets…

  3. Too bad they didn’t develop an Android Gear app. I bought a SmartThings controller because it was open but if they end up being tied to Samsung I will likely ditch it for another home automation solution. I wish they’d integrate voice features with their Android App so you can say “OK Google, dim living room lights” or “OK Google, dim bedside lamp.”

  4. Why the hell isn’t this available on the Gear S2?

  5. My Gear S generates a message – saying Opps. Can’t find a hub. I can’t get out of the loop to go select the Location. Any thoughts.


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