SmartThings Open Cloud & the ARTIK Chip

During the opening keynote address yesterday at the annual IoT World conference, Alex Hawkinson joined Samsung Electronics President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn on stage to announce a new open software and data aggregation cloud called SmartThings Open Cloud. This offering is a companion to a Samsung line of IoT modules called ARTIK, which was also announced yesterday.

For more information about what this means for device makers and developers, check out this note from Jeff Hagins, SmartThings’ CTO and co-founder, on the Community site.


The SmartThings Open Cloud offers device makers and developers an open software and data aggregation cloud on a standard API.

The ARTIK chip comes in three sizes and allows

The ARTIK chip comes in three sizes and allows device makers to connect their products directly to the SmartThings Open Cloud.


ARTIK chips will come equipped with Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, and ZigBee/Thread capabilities.

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  1. When will SmartThings hub & hardware be available for the Australian/New Zealand market.

  2. The Artik 0 is aimed at the very smallest IoT devices and will replace the Artik 1, which was launched in April last year. The Artik 7 will sit between the 5 and 10 and provide high-end capabilities, but at a lower cost than the 10. Printing London


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