SmartThings iOS Version 2.0.4 is Here

A new version of the SmartThings app for iOS is now available for free download. The app includes a number of notable bug fixes and overall improvements designed to enhance stability.

Here’s a quick look:

ScFeatures & Improvements

  • Consolidated pairing instructions while in the getting started experience
  • Updated Device Pairing ‘Add a Room’ user flow
  • Added auto advance through page carousel tile views



  • Fixed silent pairing and un-connected client connection on startup
  • Fixed crash during startup for certain locations
  • Removed tab swipe gesture on Device details and Room details
  • Fixed app doesn’t realize its on the home network
  • Fixed video playing when leaving video player screen
  • Fixed DLink fullscreen video caused camera to restart
  • Fixed crash when trying to configure a smartApp
  • Speed up app load times
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  1. When’s the next version coming out? This one is still pretty disappointing. How are you letting 3rd party apps like “SmartRules” do a significantly better job with your products than your own app? The “SmartApps” functionality is horribly clunky and extremely limited.

  2. Crashes popular Nest device type for me. Instead of integrating Nest support you guys are getting farther and farther from it.


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