SmartThings iOS Version 1.6.5 + Temperature Calibration

photoWe’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download in the iTunes store! In addition, we also recently released a new feature that’s designed to improve the temperature readings for SmartSense Multi sensors.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s what:

• iOS version 1.6.5 includes several minor UI enhancements and updates to improve the general stability and overall performance of the app

• In addition, we’ve also updated and improved icon pickers to help people customize and identify their different connected devices

calibWe’ve also just released a new feature for both Android and iOS to help improve the quality of the readings on your SmartThings devices that record temperature (the new SmartSense Moisture, SmartSense Open/Closed, and SmartSense Motion sensors; and the SmartSense Multi sensor).

Since some customers have reported that their sensors often record temperatures that are consistently a few degrees off from other thermometers, we’ve enabled a Temperature Calibration feature that allows you to select a consistent offset. As an example, if your Multi consistently reports a temperature that is 4 degrees warmer than nearby thermometers, you’d enter in “-4″ in this field. If it’s 3 degrees colder, you’d enter “3.” This way, your Multi will always report the correct temperature. 

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  1. No mention if Android users will get this same update.


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