SmartThings Hub Update

We’re excited to let you know that the new generation of the Samsung SmartThings Hub will be available to purchase in early September, and that starting today, you will be able to pre-order the new Hub in our Shop, on, and on Amazon.

In addition to the new Hub, we’ll also be coming out with a new line of Samsung SmartThings products and an enhanced mobile app experience in the next few weeks.

You don’t need to purchase the new Hub in order to continue using SmartThings in your home. But if you do decide to order the new Hub, you’ll need to reconnect your current devices to the new Hub. We’ll provide detailed guidance that will make this process as easy as possible.

We can’t wait to tell you more about all the great new features of the new Hub and app experience. There’s much more coming, so please stay tuned for an official announcement in the coming weeks.

– The SmartThings Team

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  1. So… what’s new about the hub? Like, why should I buy it if I already have a hub?

    • I would like the know the same. After moving, I had to set up my devices all over again. I don’t relish doing that third time. Is there a killer feature that makes it worth the while?

      • No kidding. I have 40 devices and many integrated actions, etc. If the work to set that all up has to be replicated every year or two, that is unacceptable. Surely they can figure out some way to export the configuration from one hub to another.

        • New hub has local control and uses cloud as backup. So if the cloud or your internet go down you can still control everything locally.

  2. So as a 1st gen customer… What kind of discount do I get and what is the migration plan from 1st gen to 2nd gen?

    • Looks like they are offering existing customers a $75 discount on a bundle. Basically you get a motion sensor and open/close sensor for free when you buy the new hub. Check your email – I got mine today.

      • odd i didn’t get an email today. i want to preorder.

        • SmartThings just announced the pre-order bundle of their version 2 hub on their site for $99 after coupon THANKYOU – Shipping is free.

        • It looks like someone posted the discount code on, and then they sold out. So probably 99.9% of the people who got the deal were those that didn’t already own a V1 hub. I’d call ST and see what they will do for you.

          • Yeah, they definitely didn’t handle it the best in my opinion. Each proven previous customer should get some kind of deal. Not have a promo that anyone could just go an snatch up.

          • They should havre done custom codes to prevent a slick deals situation. (Maybe the serial of your hub)

      • Sold out in less than 24 hours

      • Sold Out. I guess they only appreciate the first handful of customers.

    • Just a garbage discount. Us 1st gen customers who have hubs that barely function just get 2 free sensors… Even though most 1st gen customers are probably good on sensors and just want a hub that finally functions like the SmartThings advertisements!

    • I’ve been a V1 customer for almost a year, and I never got an email with the ‘special offer’.

  3. Why won’t Amazon ship to Canada for the pre-order?

  4. I hope that they will offer support for EU frequencies…

  5. Would like to see some integration with Amazon Echo. I got some Wemo switches and it’s great to just talk to the echo and tell it to turn lights or fans on or off.

  6. When will UK/Europe start getting kits to order from the respective Amazon or Samsung sites?

  7. amazon pre order isn’t shipping to canada!!!!!

  8. I second the request for more information on what is in the v2. I’ll probably pre-order but the complete lack of any information about new features is odd to say the least.

  9. Hopefully they will fix the WeMo switch integration – it has been broken for ever – and hasn’t even made it out of “labs” yet. If other hubs like Amazon Echo can get it to work right the first time, why is it taking years for WeMo to get it to work?

    • I hear you on that. Wemo switches firmware was updated approx 3 days ago. According to the change log, the intermittent issues have been corrected. My switches have been working with smartthings flawlessly since I updated. Give it a shot if you haven’t already. I had to open the standalone wemo a few times to get the update. Hope that helps.

      • Oh wow! Thank you for this – I rarely open the WeMo app (I set up the rules on it, and it has been working reliably). I see the firmware update now – hopefully that will resolve this issue with ST! :)

      • no luck…. :( same issue after the firmware update. Did you have to remove the switches completely (and the Wemo connect from “labs”) and then re-add? Or did updating the firmware itself solve the issue?

        • I did not have to remove the switches completely or make any other adjustments with Smartthings. Updating the firmware solved the issue. I’m actually surprised, because before the update, I would have already had several problems and, but I haven’t. After several other updates, problems still existed. So it appears this latest update is the real deal and fixed connectivity issues that affected Smartthings, smart tools, IFTTT, and several others. One thing, have you checked to make sure there wasn’t another firmware update? Wemo has what Belkin calls transition firmware. Just updating firmware doesn’t necessarily mean you have the latest. So if you haven’t updated in some time, it will update to one version, then a little bit later, you will see another prompt to update firmware if you check for it. That is until you are on the latest.

          • Thank you for your response and help :) No luck though. I made sure I got the latest firmware update (there was only one). The problem with smarthings is still there for me though.
            I know that ST is planning to revamp their app in the near future, and that with the new hub, I’ll need to set everything up again, so I’ll hold off on trying to remove/add the WeMo devices till then.

            Bummer – was hoping to have that resolved. Thanks again

          • I tested out a smartapp for smartthings that I believe will solve your problem. I’m using it myself and it allows you to adjust polls and refreshes automatically. Its called pollster. Google it and install. I think you’ll be pleased with it.

  10. So I have to pay more money to get my ST system to work like it should’ve originally…

  11. It looks like the only real difference is local processing – waiting for more info before I replace my unit and redo everything. Hopefully they include bluetooth and Apple homekit, or it isn’t worth it to me.

  12. This would be a much easier sell with Lutron Caseta support!

  13. Ordered! Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Also, fingers crossed for an updated app that is more intuitive.

  14. Still need to have a unit that works when internet fails. All programing held at 3rd party site. Local wireless network still up and nothing works….. How about a fix…

  15. Disappointed. Still no built in Honeywell support? Additional monthly fees? And current users have to just re-buy a unit to upgrade?

    I was entrenched in Revolv — after they folded I tried Smartthings but found the app UI confusing and non-intuitive — was hoping the reboot would fix everything (like built in support for Honeywell so I wouldn’t have to become a programmer just to add it myself). Unfortunately now that Samsung’s involved, I feel like ST is going to focus on promoting their own products rather than serving the customer (read: HomeKit integration may be dropped).

    In the meantime I switched to Wink and it was half the price, worked with everything I have (Hue, Nest, Dropcam, Schlage, GE Link, Amazon Echo), and offers fast in-app tech support with no fees attached. Although I like the idea of ST’s battery backup, losing electricity would kill everything connected to my system anyway. I also think the speed bump will have a big impact if apps can run locally. Unfortunately ST took too long and Wink is working surprisingly well for me. (I’m sure I’ll switch to Apple’s HomeKit enabled Apple TV anyway if/when that ships…)

    • Not quite sure why there is so much hub-bub about not having HomeKit support. Maybe I’m missing something, but HomeKit with the Apple TV would simply replace the SmartThings Hub, so to me it is a one or the other kind of thing. What integration is everyone looking for? I seriously doubt manufactures that include Bluetooth LE support are going to be tied to a requirement of having a HomeKit chip in the hub. Why would they sell themselves short. If the device is Bluetooth LE only or Bluetooth LE + Z-Wave or Zigbee, why would it not work with other hubs that have a Bluetooth chip? I doubt Honeywell, Kwikset, Schlage, Withings, etc are going to make a stand that their devices are suddenly only going to support HomeKit and Bluetooth LE and drop support for Z-Wave, Zigbee, etc. The ST Hub v2 has Bluetooth LE, even though it will not be activated until a future firmware update, I don’t see why “HomeKit integration” would be required to control these Bluetooth devices. Someone please tell me exactly what features they hope to gain with “HomeKit Integration” that they are not going to be available to have when the Bluetooth chip is activated later on? Apple wants you to use their HomeKit app on the iPhone, but ST users are going to be using the ST App, so again, what is it that you are missing out on, and honestly, someone explain to me the meaning of “HomeKit Integration”

      • As I said, I’ll most likely switch to Apple’s ecosystem anyway — my point about Wink is that it was half the price and gave me everything I needed while I waited. Now that Samsung owns ST I don’t expect ST’s interaction with Apple products to ever be optimal, an issue that I imagine will impact many Apple users long-term investment in ST — at least until after Apple’s announcements this week. I also have an Amazon Echo, which works great with Wink and sounds significantly better than Siri does now — I assume Apple’s AppleTV/Homekit/Siri solution will be impressive, but Echo has raised the bar for me, and if I can’t hit the ground running with Apple’s solution I may stick with Wink and Echo.

        • Not trying to be a jerk, but your reasoning is all over the place and you are contradicting yourself left and right. You bought wink because it is half the price of ST, yet you want to switch to HomeKit when it comes out which will force you to purchase ALL new devices to replace all the devices you currently have because HomeKit will run on Bluetooth LE. That is a larger financial cost than the ST v2 being twice as expensive as the wink. Then you talk about the Amazon Echo integration, which ST v1 and v2 will support. But the biggest issue with this last post is that you don’t “expect” Samsung to integrate well with Apple products, but for some reason you think Apple’s HomeKit is going to integrate with other 3rd party devices and systems that Apple does not have a stake in? So you are making a future assumption that Samsung will play the proprietary game or make Apple device integration some how inferior, but you believe Apple is going to be open to working well with its competitors? ST is more expensive than wink, but you can do a lot more with it. Wink is limited to what they want you to do… no SmartApps or open development, but you somehow think Apple’s HomeKit is going to be advanced and open to developers to allow 3rd party code to be run without Apple’s approval? it will be a closed system, just like wink. Your financial reasons don’t hold water because you are going to spend a lot more replacing all your devices, then you have Apple’s HomeKit which won’t work with anything but iPhone/iPad/Apple TV, so how on earth you think that is open is beyond me. You complain that Samsung probably won’t want to work well with Apple devices even though SmartThings is already open, and is a self controlled/governed subsidiary of Samsung that has shown nothing BUT openness and supports iPhone, Android and Windows Phone with apps. I don’t know, you make your call, but not one of your reasons have been sound or logical.

  16. Oh man, please give me a new app. Please give me an app that follows Googles design guidelines. Please give me a new app icon. Thanks. lol

  17. The Android app update today wasn’t the enhanced app you were talking about, right? Pretty please? Android users are in dire need of a better app. Actually, iOS users could use a better app too…

  18. Is this verson going to be available for Australian use?

  19. I think one of the new features for the hub 2 was not being dependent on the internet for local control, the hub i have now works great unless the internet goes down at which time nothing works

  20. Hello
    Let me know SmartThings Hub can be used in India ?

  21. 1.. is z – wave products compatible with Indian frequency ( 865.2
    Mhz)? Reference : wikipedia : (( Frequency band: The Z-Wave Radio
    uses the 868.42 MHz SRD Band (Europe); the 900 MHz ISM band: 908.42 MHz (United States); 916 MHz
    (Israel); 919.82 MHz (Hong Kong); 921.42 MHz (Australian/New
    Zealand),India 865.2 MHz ))

    2. is the device availible in the 230 v range?

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