Second Time’s the Charm!

Oh, hey guys!
Us again. Some of you might be getting a second e-mail from us tomorrow letting you know about our one-day holiday special running on December 9. Some of you might open it and wonder, “But SmartThings, it’s December 10. Why am I getting this again?” Total accident. When we used our giant, scientific calculator to set up the e-mail, we mistakenly triggered it to send on two consecutive days. We apologize. The last thing we want to do is blow up your inbox or confuse you.

With that said, here’s some good news…


Because 1+1=2

Since we’ll accidentally send many of you an e-mail on two different days advertising the same one-day sale, we’ve figured to the right thing to do would be to extend our special until 11:59 EST tomorrow–December 10. That means if you or anyone on your holiday shopping list won’t get a chance to stock up on our two offers for free SmartSense Multi sensors today, you’re in luck and have an extra day to do so!

Sorry again for any confusion, and we promise not to e-mail you again on Wednesday.

– The SmartThings Team


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  1. Good news! Don’t have my CC today, will definitely buy tomorrow in the day. Isn’t there a possibility to pay via paypal? Would have been quicker,


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