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There’s never been a better time to turn your home into a smart home, because starting today through June 30th, we’re offering the SmartThings Home Sitter Kit for just $142–a $100 savings from the $242 retail price.

home-sitter-kit-eWhether you’re in the boardroom, at the beach, or anywhere in between, you can easily know what’s happening back home with the SmartThings Home Sitter Kit.

The Kit includes the SmartThings Hub, 2 SmartSense Motion sensors, and a SmartSense Open/Closed sensor. Together, these items will let you:

• Get immediate alerts if there’s unexpected entry or motion in your home while you’re away

• Be notified when people come and go

• Monitor valuable or off-limit areas of your home

• Know when friends or service professionals have arrived

So go ahead and hit the road, soak up the sun, and rest easy knowing that you can easily check in to monitor what matters most as you seize the summer.

Want to really soak up the summer savings? Combine this offer with one of our limited-time sales on packs of the SmartSense Motion and Open/Closed sensors to enhance your smart home even more!

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  1. Just curious if this is really a good deal. Especially with the new hub due out Q3. I would hate to spend a bunch of money on the older versions

    • I would hold off. Hub v1 (and maybe the sensors?) are TERRIBLE and do not function any thing like advertised. Out of everyone I personally know who owns this system, everyone has to wave their hands around in front of motion sensors and we all have doors that either fail to report being open/closed or falsely report it hours later.

      • Can look into wink which works with zwave, zigbee. Cheap enough and if it doesnt work, you may be able to return. I havent had major latency issues with my ST setup but if youre using for security, you cant have latencies at all. Another point is some smart hubs will go under.ST at oeast has samsung as backer. Others will surface. I think next year will be interesting in what nest/google and apple bring.

        • Would you recommend sticking with ST as a hub but looking at other zwave/zigbee products for security, sensors, etc.? I am curious if I should buy a home starter kit type thing when the new hub comes out or if I should focus on ST as hub only and get other products it can support that arent ST branded. Thoughts?

          • I have other sensors from different manufacturers aeon, everspring water sensor. They are somewhat cheaper than ST branded and comparable in function although I’m not blown away by the build on 3rd party sensors. Some people have written ST sensors are a bit higher quality although I don’t know of any head to head comparisons. Getting ST to pair with a nonsupported device usually works but it’s a bit of a hassle. I think it’s mostly a budget issue. Might as well wait a bit more since ST is coming up with new slimmer sensors as well as a new hub. I see some higher end 3rd party sensors now which at least gives you an alternative to ST branded ones.

          • Thank you, I will wait. I just don’t know how long I will be waiting which is the tough part. Hopefully soon enough the next evolution of gear will come out. I know the website smarthome has a ton of stuff, but would all that be considered 3rd party aka inferior to SmartThings?

  2. maybe Smartthings is getting rid of extra inventory? Will have to figure out if the version 2 hub is worth the price. (probably yes for those using smartthings as a light security system- still much cheaper than a monthly subscription service with conventional alarm systems or wireless alarm systems that use subscription) Sensors won’t change much except maybe smaller and better battery life. Even if you leave ST, you get to keep all your zwave/zigbee devices and use with whatever system you switch to.

    • Is there a system that works with all of the SmartThings branded motion and door contact sensors? So ready to jump ship to something that actually functions.

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