The New SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor

Extreme temperatures and humidity levels can freeze pipes, create leaks, encourage mold, and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. In fact, arriving home to a busted pipe and $80,000 worth of damage is what spurred the idea for CEO Alex Hawkinson to create SmartThings.

Protect your home and belongings from costly damage by receiving early warnings about extreme temperatures and humidity levels with the newest member of the SmartThings family: the SmartSense Temp/Humidity sensor.

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This little fella will allow you to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in any room of your home and receive immediate alerts if the climate fluctuates to unsafe or uncomfortable levels. The Temp/Humidity sensor includes both adhesive tape as well as a mounting plate–allowing you to place the sensor on any flat surface, including the wall.

Here are a few things you can do with the Temp/Humidity sensor:

• Protect musical instruments, clothes, electronics, furniture, pieces of art, wine, and other household items that are vulnerable to extreme humidity levels

• Monitor temperature in any room or area of your home in Fahrenheit or Celsius

• Receive warnings if humidity levels drop below a minimum level (hint: especially important during the fall and winter months when dry air is common)

• Trigger your smart thermostat, or an A/C unit or portable heater to automatically adjust in response to temperature changes


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