New Items In Our Shop

We’re happy to announce the arrival of two new Solutions in our Shop–both of which offer a greater savings on one of our most popular devices.

As of today, you can now get your hands (and doors, and windows, and drawers, and cabinets…) on a 5-pack and 10-pack of the SmartSense Multi. The most versatile device in the SmartThings family, the Multi acts as a movement, vibration, orientation, and temperature sensor all in one and has tons of great use cases.

With this bundle of Multi sensors, you can rest assured knowing that you can monitor your doors and windows, as well as your jewelry cases, safes, and valuable areas inside your home. Pair your SmartSense Multis with the FortrezZ Siren Strobe Alarm and create a fully secure home–all for the fraction of the cost of most home security systems.

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