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Don’t let the name fool you, the latest addition to the SmartThings Shop packs a lot of power: the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote.

With four buttons that can control up to eight “events,” the Minimote acts as an additional remote to control the connected items in your home. This means that you can give spouses, kids, or guests the power to turn things like lights, speakers, locks, and other electronics on and off without having to hand them your smartphone.

Here’s a quick video showing where you’ll find the Minimote in the new SmartThings app experience:

Similar to the integration we announced last week with the UP24 by Jawbone, the SmartThings Minimote integration can also trigger Hello, Home phrases and prompt multiple actions to occur with a push of a button. So lay back and let that smartphone charge in the living room–simply tap a button on your Minimote to turn off all of your lights, set your thermostat, and lock the door as you go to bed each night.

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  1. Since the minimote is just a generic z-wave controller, does this mean we can also use other brand controllers in the same manner?

    • @disqus_DZMA1ZMMw3:disqus At this time, no, but we hope to get there soon.

  2. Can this button be used to set a mode?

  3. This is a great addition. One of the great things about the Insteon line was the remotes that I could use to toggle our “home theater” mode or “bedtime” mode. The convenience of not having to use my phone is a very nice. Glad to see that smartthings has this feature now.

  4. This is fantastic, I’ve been wanting this functionality for so long! Remotes are just so much easier and faster than pulling up the app and waiting for it to slowly refresh everything.

    • FYI — the refresh rates in the app should be greatly improved after the last couple updates. But you are right, the remote is handy!

  5. Here’s where I should have listened to my gut and not mixed Z-Wave and ZigBee like what was suggested at the start of my build.

    • Why @Ron Anthony Quinn, what problems are you seeing? With SmartThing you can combine them both and control anything with this Z-Wave remote.

  6. Have anybody connected icamera 1000 to there system?

  7. Has anybody added the icamera 1000?

  8. $60 for a remote control…. when are we ever going to reach the $20 range like with X10 or even the $40 range of an Insteon remote?

  9. You can buy a regular z wave remote for under $12, and use it along smartthings hub as secondary controller.

    • But will it also be able to be seen by SmartThings so that modes can be changed and more complex actions can be taken? Or can it only turn a single device on or off with SmartThings none-the-wiser?

  10. We need the Harmony line or some other universal remote to have zwave functionality, just seems logical. This is awesome but so limited.

    • In the works.

      • Mysterious and exciting! iRule is another platform that seems logical for integration as they already have AV integration (and the MiCasaVerde integration). How can the community help with the Harmony integration? I’m sure y’all have 1000 projects that are in the “it would be nice category”.

  11. Love this… just bought it and I’ve tried everything to pair the remote with SmartThings… not having any luck. What are the exact steps?

  12. Is the new Harmony Elite supported too?

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