New iOS Version 1.6.3 is Here

photoFollowing our recent Android update, we’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download in the iTunes store!

In addition to several performance tweaks and improvements, we’ve also introduced a new feature in the SmartSetup area to help brand-new users.

When first downloading 1.6.3 and tapping the “+” icon to navigate to SmartSetup, you’ll see a quick tip to introduce you to each of the different categories that you’ll find within SmartSetup. To hide the tip, simply tap the “x” and it will vanish!

– The SmartThings Product & Design team



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  1. I have a feature request for you all. This was a feature that was removed in a recent update, that I’d love to see added back in some form. As a user, I would like to search for apps available for a given “thing” that I have already installed, so that I can find new uses and smarts for my installed “things”.

    To be clear, I like the new organization and UI, but if I already have, say, a light switch installed, I used to be able to click ‘Smart Apps’ in the light switch config and see a list of apps I could use for the switch. Now it only shows installed apps, and I have to go to a separate place in the app to see this.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly the way it was (IIRC, the old way some of the apps were unclear what they did), but I’d like _some_ path from an installed thing to a list of the “all apps I could install for said thing”.

    • YES! Please add this for both iOS and Android versions.. The only way I can figure out how to do that now is remove and re-add the device.

      • Troy – you can get to similar by going to “+” -> Things -> (find thing) -> “Top Alerts and Actions”. Annoying, but less so than removing and re-adding the device ;) If it were available on the installed thing it would cut out the steps “+” -> Things -> (find thing).

        I can see how it’s a UX problem figuring out the best way to curate apps and things as the system grows, but I’ve talked to several other users who miss this feature.

    • Thanks Daniel – I like the feedback and Thanks for writing it like a story :) Adding to story tracking system.


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