New in the Shop: The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

output_XqAGw2One of the great features of the new Samsung SmartThings Hub is the ability to connect a camera to see what’s happening in your home when you’re away. Today, we’re excited to announce that the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is available for purchase in our Shop!

A perfect companion to the brand-new Home Monitoring Kit, the SmartCam allows you to check in from anywhere to view live-streaming video footage of your home. You can also get instant alerts with accompanying video-clip footage whenever unexpected events occur, as detected by SmartThings-connected devices.

phone2Unlike other home monitoring solutions, SmartThings only captures video clips whenever an unexpected event occurs, so you can maintain privacy while having complete peace of mind.

Here are a few of the many things that are possible with Samsung SmartThings and the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro:
• See that your kids return home safely from school
• Check in to see if your dog is on the couch
• Capture video footage if there’s unexpected entry or motion
• Make sure the dog walker or service provider arrived
• Check in on what your pet is doing
• …and so much more

Video clips will eventually be a premium feature within Smart Home Monitor but are available in beta as a free trial through 2015. After the free trial, a premium version of Smart Home Monitor, which includes video clips, will be available for $4.99 per month. Live streaming will always be free.

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  1. is there a price noted sommewhere in the advert???

  2. Is the local storage still enabled on this? If so, then what is the advantage with paying for video clips when I can get an alert when motion happens and then open the app to view whats going on but also still have it save locally if something is amiss. Honest question because I’m still not sure what advantages the premium service would offer and so unsure whether to purchase it or not.

    • I assume local storage is still enabled. Probably the cloud option is safer for security applications in case intruder notices the camera and takes it. after all it has some street value and is portable enough.


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